Secure your Apps Now!

If you go by the numbers there are more apps in the world than the number of human beings on earth, the gigantic market of mobile devices have paved its way to more and more dedicated mobile apps with each passing day, now that a lot of people are spending time on apps there is […]

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How to save yourself from the global Ransomware attack

An avalanche of Ransomware attack has targeted 200,000 windows computers in 150 countries and the number is growing. This extremely fast spreading attack is being used in combination with a worm, which means that if one computer is attacked it automatically spreads to the other computers in the network.

What is it?

It’s […]

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Is iOS 11 Killing the 32-bit Apps?

It is assumed that iOS 11 will come with a nasty surprise, iOS Apps that aren’t updated to support 64-bit will be removed from the App Store. It was only Last year that the company had pledged to remove apps that were outdated, orphaned and no longer meet guidelines.

Apple had been […]

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How To Turn Your Idea Into An App

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm! Different individuals and organizations are coming up with new ideas to climb the ladder of success; they utilize the apps in order to popularize their business in front of the new audience or in order to give a better experience to the existing customers. Having […]

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PHP web Development

PHP is a general purpose scripting language, suited for server-side web development; many famous online businesses such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. are using this scripting language.

PHP builds exceptional websites with end to end development solutions, and it flawlessly mingles with other web technologies, when you look for ways to create […]

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