How to save yourself from the global Ransomware attack

An avalanche of Ransomware attack has targeted 200,000 windows computers in 150 countries and the number is growing. This extremely fast spreading attack is being used in combination with a worm, which means that if one computer is attacked it automatically spreads to the other computers in the network.

What is it?

It’s […]

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Is iOS 11 Killing the 32-bit Apps?

It is assumed that iOS 11 will come with a nasty surprise, iOS Apps that aren’t updated to support 64-bit will be removed from the App Store. It was only Last year that the company had pledged to remove apps that were outdated, orphaned and no longer meet guidelines.

Apple had been […]

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Plugins, Why You Need Them?

Your computing device is smart enough and a very powerful tool that can do a lot many things all by itself, but of course, the biggest of heroes need some help every now and then and in this case plugins come to rescue.

A plugin is a software code that enables the […]

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Staying Fit With Your Mobile And An Internet Connection

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has everyone running for help, people want to stay fit but have no time in hand to do so, and in this scenario mobile apps come to our rescue, the advantage of having a mobile app as your trainer is that, it is always with you, rather than travelling all […]

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SDS Technology Enabling A Software Defined Storage Environment

Software Defined Storage is a revolution in storage industry that has completely changed the way storage will be managed and deployed in the future, this type of storage is virtualized with added service management interface feature, Software Defined storage is a simplified version of managing storage where cost is considerably decreased, the ability […]

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