android datingapp

 App : Ven Mars Dating app

Spinages app android

Spinages app

Spinages app provides offers to win vouchers for all kind of deals. Users can read reviews and get notifications for the offers expiry dates.


Shake the Spinages Tree to get vouchers.
Get the Voucher with info of brands, expiry date, offers etc,.

Oakter android

App: Oakter
Oakter is the first thing to convert your old fashion home appliances to a modular high tech home. Now you can control your lights, fans, AC, etc from your smart phone and make your appliances intelligent and energy efficient.

Can set temperature of your AC and geezers with your Oakter app from anywhere.
Users can set […]

GPS Tracker android

Android App : GPS Tracker

Gps location tracker is an app which helps you to share your locations with your friends. And unlike than other apps Gps location tracker provides you registration free services.

Users can share their locations with their friends through messages.

android apps Higwaybite

App : Highway Bites

Highway bites is a new generation idea to change the look of Street Food stalls.

You can check the menus, favorite, etc, from you favorite outlets.
Users can check the rating, Images, feedbacks of your destination outlet.
Users can maintain their own profiles