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    Why Should You Ask Naxtre to Write Your Product Listing Copy?

    The reason why we believe that we provide the best Amazon product listing services and Flipkart product listing services for your products is because of our sheer expertise in the field. Whether you are an existing seller or a newbie looking for assistance with product listing and cataloging on an online platform, we can help! Our Flipkart and Amazon listing services include everything from listing your products in relevant categories to improving online organic visibility and tangible sales growth. We have gone a step beyond by providing sales copies as part of our Amazon listing services to our clients that convert on the marketplace.

    Amazon Product Listing Services-Naxtre

    Data Driven Listings

    As part of our Flipkart and Amazon listing services, we will make sure that all the details about your product upload are relevant and used correctly. We use our in-house metric called Listing Quality Score to assess the quality of a listing by benchmarking it on different parameters.

    Flipkart Listing Services-Naxtre

    Maximize Your Keyword Coverage

    We will optimize every element of the product e.g. relevant keywords, titles, images, and description, ensuring your potential customers can find your products. Our Listings are addressing all possible angles of search visibility, and get indexed and picked up by Amazon’s A9 algorithms.

    Amazon and Flipkart cataloging -Naxtre

    Boost Your Rankings

    We will come up with effective strategies for listing and cataloging your products on Amazon and Flipkart which will helps you to boost your rankings. Also, the listings we write will always be on over (if not beyond) with that of your best-selling competitors so you will be in the pole position to dominate the Amazon and Flipkart SERP.

    Here’s What We Will Do for You

    Naxtre helps you fly in the world of online retail with its managed catalogue service for Flipkart and Amazon, one of the biggest online marketplaces. Once you sign up with us, our top Amazon and Flipkart product copywriters will do a thorough deep-dive into the Amazon seller listings and Flipkart seller Listings by doing extensive competitive, market, product, and keyword research to understand the target audience and cover all our bases. The rest is a pure blend of high-quality copywriting, relevant product keywords, and sales-driving language. This approach of copywriting has proven to increase traffic and, in turn, conversion-rate, sales, and organic ranking on the Amazon marketplace and Flipkart marketplace.

    Our Amazon product listing and Flipkart product listing services include:

    Amazon product listing Company-Naxtre

    A Welcome Call to Understand Your Products

    At Naxtre, one of our primary belief is to provide world-class customer experience and build a productive relationship with our clients. When you sign up with us to get your listings optimized, our copywriters will have a quick call with you to understand your Amazon and Flipkart business and get an overview. We will understand your requirements, expectations, and address any queries you may have.


    Market and Competitor Research

    After your first call with us, you should simply kick back and let our specialists wrap up. We will begin by investigating the market you are in and recognizing your top rivals who are selling the equivalent/distinctive kind of items alongside you. This is the place where Naxtre penetrates down to acquire noteworthy, serious bits of knowledge that can assist us with handling the specialized part of the Listing creation.

    Flipkart product listing company-Naxtre
    Amazon SEO Services-Naxtre

    Amazon and Flipkart SEO

    Amazon and Flipkart SEO is a significant advance in our excursion to set up the best item posting for you. Utilizing our experience and ability in the field, we devise a plan to set up the content for you, which is in accordance with Amazon's and Flipkat's SEO alogorithms. As part of our Flipkart and Amazon SEO optimization and cataloging services, we will not only ensure your products rank for the relevant keywords but also stay updated with the changing trends in the digital world. We will be available to address your concerns and assist you completely.


    Keyword Research

    Presently, we get to the great part - compiling a list of relevant keywords for your products. We utilize numerous ways to deal with make this rundown - from looking at Amazon and Flipkart auto-suggestion quiries to examining every competitor listing separately and utilizing our ground-breaking Reverse ASIN and Keyword Tool, we will investigate every possibility. Our journey to discover those converting, product and long-tail keywords will bear brings about terms of ordering on Amazon and Flipkart SERP too!

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    Amazon listing optimization Services-Naxtre
    Product Title and Bullet Points

    Furnished with strong, ground-breaking information, our copywriters will work. Beginning with your product title, we will proceed onward to creating your key product features, guaranteeing as far as possible that they are enhanced for transformations and convey all the relevant keywords! Additionally, every copy we compose will be in accordance with the category-specific product guidelines as published by Amazon and Flipkart.

    An Appealing Product Description

    Frequently, you miss out on sale due to not giving enough product data. Yet, that changes with us - on the grounds that as a feature of our Amazon optimization services and Amazon optimization services , we will compose a data rich product description for each posting that will give your customers everything and beyond what they could request to make a buy.

    Flipkart listing optimization Services-Naxtre
    Amazon brand registry approval-Naxtre
    Amazon and Flipkart A+ Content

    If your brand is registered with the Amazon Brand Registry and Flipkart brand Approval, we will also be more than happy to work with Amazon A+ Content and Flipkart Content. In addition to writing the high-quality description text, we will help you optimize your images and videos by giving you feedback and suggestions.

    Backend Search Terms

    Our work doesn't totally end with simply setting up the listing text - we will go the additional mile and furnish you with all the significant backend search terms for your product. A great deal of venders are probably going to get this part off-base, yet our marketing specialists don't fall in that alliance. Our key and systematic methodology will guarantee your listing is primed for conversions, even on the backend!

    Flipkart brand registry approval-Naxtre
    Amazon Listing Services-Naxtre
    Detailed Photography Inputs

    Despite the fact that we can't actually do product photography for you, we will positively do our absolute best to give you an exhaustive examination of how your product images passage in contrast with different merchants. We will assist you with seeing how you can improve your images to ensure optimum visibility, traffic, and conversions.p>

    To Sum It Up

    We are toward the end now - we will have a last call with you before your lisitings go live to guarantee that we are not passing up anything basic - which, we won't. All through this excursion, our marketing specialists will be in contact with you, updating the status of your listings optimization/creation through frequent emails and calls.

    Flipkart Listing Services-Naxtre