New Media And New Marketing Tools For Business Growth

18 Jan 2016

Gone are the days of newspaper Ads or Radio Jingles; this isn’t the way your competitors are promoting their business! In case your competing business is owned & managed by a proactive & progressive team, chances are you will see your competition sending Push Notification to the user through Mobile Apps or leveraging on the power of Social Media. So can you afford to ignore the new media & marketing tools in your business?
No, you cannot and you should not! Digital Media is the new ally for your business. Having a Mobile App or being active on Social media platform or re-designing your website to strengthen e-Commerce functionality is the best approach for marketing your business these days. So how does having a Mobile App or Digital Marketing strategy help your business? Let us explain –
1. Mobile Apps occupy a prominent space in the life of your Target Group – This is the truth; people spend a considerable time with their mobile phones now. Having a mobile app made for your business is the best way to stay connected with your users. You can send them Push Notifications about offers, new launches and services.
2. Real-time monitoring and results – Thanks to Digital technologies, you can now get data and insights about the relevance and reach of your Digital marketing campaign. You can get statistics about the reach as well as the response to your ad which will further help you plan an effective digital marketing campaign.
3. E-commerce website boost business Sales – People aren’t scared of online buying now; they swipe their Credit Card within seconds if they like something. Having an attractive and mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour. In case your website design is not mobile responsive, it’s time to upgrade it or get it redesigned from website design and development expert team like Naxtre.
4. Social Media Presence – Lastly, Social Media like Facebook and Twitter are very effective in branding and marketing provided you are putting in action a well-conceived Social Media Marketing strategy.
In case you want to know more on how to use new media and new technologies for your business growth, just send an email to Naxtre at [email protected]