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10 Mobile App Categories That Will Shape Your Business in Post COVID World

10 Mobile App Categories That Will Shape Your Business In Post Covid World

We don't know for how long the effects of the COVID pandemic will stay. This is the reason numerous organizations and businesses are preparing for this new typical period. Flexible and innovative businesses are growing stronger than others.

Despite the fact that enterprises like hospitality, retail, and travel need long time to become normal, a couple of areas like work-from-home solutions, gaming, video streaming, and ecommerce have become our saviors during this new typical time. Furthermore, in this current circumstance, all types of mobile apps have become highly essential.

Anything conceivable to do online is becoming digital. At the same time, mobile applications are not just becoming highly profitable and popular but also make a huge effect in helping people maintain social distancing and stay safe during this outbreak. So, honestly, we can’t imagine our lives without mobile applications in a post-COVID world too.

Let’s explore the top 10 app categories that will become the most productive, effective, and accomplished businesses in the post-COVID scenario!

  1. Grocery Apps

It's not possible for anyone to survive without groceries. Consequently grocery applications are one of the most significant application categories in this list that has seen a positive outcome during the pandemic. Individuals are worried about getting infected with the virus; thus, they are not ready to step out of their house for grocery shopping.

Here, the grocery applications play their parts. These applications keep up the speed with the rise in popularity and feed individuals most safely. The most famous grocery applications like H-E-B, Target, Shipt, Instacart, and Walmart experienced countless downloads during this worldwide crisis.

Grocery applications have gone through an incredible change from scarcely being an alternative to turning into a definitive need during the pandemic.

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2. e-Learning Apps

Lockdown incited students to use online resources as well as turned numerous individuals to attempt and excel in new abilities and skills for passing the time.

For example, famous online language apps like Duolingo experienced a 148% spike in registration during March 2020 in the US. In late March, Udemy encountered a 425% increase in enrolments.

Perhaps the unexpected energy for mastering skills will simply stay until individuals return to their typical life, yet the e-learning associations may keep on encountering accomplishment because of the ease and straightforwardness they are offering individuals for helping them pursue their new hobbies from home.

E-Learning applications don't just rely upon education. You will discover from language learning applications like Duolingo and Babbel to various course applications like Udemy.

A report says that Duolingo saw a 101% spike in its general use. The new students are investing 13% more energy and time in their learning, even on weekends in comparison with the earlier users.

Clients are using their time for learning helpful and new fun-filled skills in fields ranging from technology to arts. So, applications that have made it possible will remain and grow.

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3. Entertainment Apps

Entertainment Apps help people reduce their boredom. During this pandemic, entertainment apps like Amazon Prime, IMDb, Snapchat, Google Play Music, Spotify, Scrabble GO, YouTube, HBO Now, Netflix, etc. have encountered a great surge. Children are dazzled in gaming applications for drawing in themselves and get very fun during this critical situation.

Adults are additionally occupied with news applications to get refreshes on current happenings worldwide. News applications like Google News, BBC News, CNN, and so on have gotten more famous as individuals are interested and worried about the latest happenings around the world.

They need to find out about the careful steps more to see how the entire world is managing this emergency. Also, they need to understand what medical care and government substances are requesting that they do.

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4. Healthcare and Fitness Apps

Healthcare applications have come as a savior in this delicate time when everyone is worried about wellbeing. Since we are not doing physical movements a great deal nowadays, healthcare applications like fitness wellness applications, medical care applications, mental health care applications, are helping individuals in keeping them healthy both physically and mentally.

Online fitness train how to do essential yoga or medication for keeping ourselves fit and healthy in any circumstances, even when staying at home, the need of a healthy eating routine, and the sorts and advantages of physical activities. On-request specialist's applications offer instructions on medical sample tests, prompt consultation, digital prescriptions, and medicine delivery.

Patients can counsel the best specialists over medical applications for examining their sicknesses and side effects to improve insight into their wellbeing and bear panic situations.

A report by App Annie says that in March 2020, a blend of ten wellness applications consolidating Asana Rebel, 30 Day Fitness, and Nike Training Club has seen very nearly 5 million downloads inside just a single week.

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5. Food Delivery Apps

Numerous restaurants and cafés battled to work for takeaway orders so they could work in the wake of shutting their doors continuously during the lockdown. Some food delivery businesses like UberEats and swiggy eliminated delivery charges independent restaurants for helping them continue operating during the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, the food delivery app industry hit $45 billion in 2020, which was set to be $41 billion in 2021, as per the investment banking firm named Morgan Stanley. The ongoing crisis has sped up the trend that was already continuous, and food delivery is presently ready to make up 21% of the restaurant market by 2025.

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6. FinTech Apps

FinTech or account is another application category that is encountering an enormous expansion popularity. The uncertainty in the economy alongside the failure to visit banks has made numerous individuals use mobile applications for dealing with their cash.


A report from App Annie says that in Q1 2020, the entire time spent in finance applications expanded by practically 55%. The increment was keener at 90% and 85% separately in South Korea and Japan. In April 2020, a FinTech application named Robinhood positioned #1 on application stores in its classification and expanded by 260%.

From principal activities like covering bills, using bank accounts, and asset moving, to things like stock checking, exchanging, trading, and individual budget the board, all have gotten conceivable because of mobile applications. Clients look for easy to understand, trustworthy, and secure applications, to settle every single money related issue.

From the first week of January to the end of March, the overall time spent in stock market applications increased by 80%. The market uncertainty and poor economy are reasons behind this. As a new trend, customers are currently using their banking apps daily.

7. Dating Apps and Matrimonial App

Dating apps and Matrimonial Apps have seen a massive surge during this global lockdown period. There was only a 5.3% increase in using these apps in 2019. But during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have seen a huge increase in the download of apps like Shadi, Biyah, Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder as all face-to-face meet-ups have been prohibited.

In 2019, it was already forecasted that more individuals would be meeting their partners virtually by 2035. On 29th March 2020, Tinder users worldwide swiped through 3 billion probable matches. And this was a record-breaking incident.

This trend is going to stay for a long as real-life dates can be very costly. Hence, meeting a person through a dating app and matrimonial app will be less expensive and more effective for working out a relationship and get married.

8. Online Education Apps

Last year, many students globally have not visited their classrooms. Even this year, many haven’t seen their new classrooms. So, from 2020 to 2021, we have seen a great digitalization of education.

Furthermore the classroom experience will always be important for education, COVID-19 has highly stressed the merits of teaching and learning online.

Edtech apps like ClassDojo, Remind: Safe Classroom, and Google Classroom encountered a 565%, 290%, and 580% increase respectively from January 2020 to March 2020.

After many years, these digital education apps finally saw scope in this crisis period. Byju’s that was working great as a Freemium subscription model, grew a bit and started providing free online classes, experiencing a 150% hike in the number of users.

9. Social Media Apps

Social media apps play an important role at the time of social distancing by helping everybody connect and get updates regarding the recent happenings globally.

Due to social distancing, social media activities have grown. Famous social media applications like Tumblr, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Reddit have seen a great spike in their active user base.

People are becoming more engaged on social media platforms as everybody is posting, sharing, and chatting more than ever before. From influencers to celebs, and entrepreneurs, everybody is involving with social hubs for entertaining, inspiring, educating, and encouraging people to bear the pandemic by letting them understand their creativities.

10. DIY and Home Improvement Apps

Since people are spending more time at home, the market for renovation supplies, home improvement, and DIY has emerged. From reviving their living places to using home automation technology, homeowners are trying their best to make their stay-at-home valuable.

A report says that apps like Lowe’s and Home Depot saw a 205% and 195% hike in their app downloads respectively. Wayfair, the digital-first homeware retailer also experienced an 85% increase in its app downloads.

Thereby, mobile applications that help people produce and utilize their home improvement ideas and help them discover and purchase the right items are going to be successful with customers who presently want to spend their time at home with more happiness and enjoyment.

Wrap Up

From overseeing wellbeing and abundance to mastering new abilities, users are investing more energy and time in mobile applications. An application that helps individuals in maintaining social distancing has more scopes to thrive soon.

It's an ideal time for new ideas, properly applied visions, and in vogue creativities. Along these lines, So, if you have an app idea, now is the time to bring it into reality!

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