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5 Amazing Tactics To Gain Traffic From Twitter

5 Amazing Tactics To Gain Traffic From Twitter

Here are some crazy statistics. If we see average, Twitter sees about approximate 500 million tweets per day but 90% people clicking that tweets and rest peoples ignored. What is the reason behind this? How to gain traffic from twitter. Here are some tactics for gaining traffic from twitter.

1. Make your Twitter Profile Interesting: Your Profile Play a major role in traffic. If your profile is boring no one bother to see your tweets. So, add mentioned points in your twitter profile 
  • Write a few words about you like your occupation, your interests, etc. in your bio. You can also include some keywords. No need to add the very long bio of yours.
  • Always chose a username that is targeted in your niche. Like if you are promoting your web development services and want to drive traffic to your web development site, then you can choose like web development, Webservices, etc.
  • Put your website URL or blog URL in the bio. Approximate 80% people don’t provide a URL in the bio. So, don't forget to include the URL .
2. Make Friends: Make real friends on twitter and share content with them. Share content related to your services as well as events. Your friends will be your most loyal audience. So aware your friends about your Twitter page. You can invite your friends through emails. 
3. Hashtags:  When a new company or nontechnical person starts working on  twitter, Pinterest, Facebook….Most of them confused about the use of  "hashtag." What is the reason behind the hashtags? The #(hash) symbol called a hashtag. It is always used prefix the keyword or topic. Hashtags are used for those  people who are not fallowing you  can see your tweets. 
4. Don't spam: Don’t post the multiple spamming ads, spamming trending topics and do not create multiple accounts for sending the same message. Mostly people using the word in the ads like ”best in the world" or " top results", “#1 company” While Twitter penalizes such type of content.
5. Twitter gadgets : The main function of twitter gadget is that your blog visitor can become fallowing. Suppose if your twitter followers have many followers, may be some of that notice your tweets and join your network. In This way, you can create a great network on twitter.

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