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5 Ingenious Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Social Media

5 Ingenious Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Social Media

Blogs are online information or discussions that can be used to share knowledge, drive traffic to a particular website or interact with customers.Blogs have a strong impact on the mindsets of the readers; a good, well-written blog can do wonders for businesses and create awareness regarding important topics.

Therefore it becomes important that you include clever, original, and inventive blogs on your website, not just to attract traffic, but also to engage existing clients.

Let’s see few innovative ways to drive traffic to your blog using social media:

Share More Content:

Sharing more than once is recommended, the users are almost always surfing the internet and to be specific, using social networking sites, more visible you are the better it is, and it also increases your chances of being read and consequently increase traffic to your blog!

Choose the right Keywords:

Search engine optimization results in unpaid results, the higher your website ranks on the search result the chances become brighter that through search engines, potential customers find you.It is in your blog’s content that you need to add top keywords, which will make it possible for the potential customer to find your website.

Add sharing:

Including the share buttons not only makes it accessible to more audience also reaches out to more social media platform than one, if people like your blog they will share it, there are different social media platforms which are popular amongst different age groups, making it easy to be shared only makes it more popular and automatically your blog will reach where it is read the most, resulting in more traffic.

Give them a visual treat:

Adding images can do wonders to your blog, make it more attractive and grab attention on social media which is already full of visual treats. People remember and understand through images better than just reading text hence it makes the blogs more attractive, adding right images will also give a clear idea to the reader what he is about to read, make it interesting and engage the reader for longer duration.

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are an exceptional way to spread your blogs to various social media platforms. For those who don’t know what a hashtag is - basically, it’s a word more behind a # that makes a common discussion subject.Hashtags have been in use on Instagram, Twitter and facebook for many years, and they provide a great way to connect with social media users beyond just the Followers.

There a few methods to use hashtags when you are tweeting to drive traffic back to your blog. Here are two examples.

Using a theme specific hashtag. If you want to promote your blog or a landing page, you can create your own hashtag for it and spread it, once your hashtag is popular and searched a lot consecutively your blog becomes popular.

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