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5 Top Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

5 Top Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

Mobile App is the no more a toy or a game; it is the next best tool in the hands of business organizations which can be used to interact with their users, inform & enlighten them and even to win their loyalties. No wonder, every business organization, even medium scale and small scale ones, are opting to go for the mobile app. Before you decide the platform for your mobile app – Android or iOS or Windows or Cross-platform – it becomes important to be aware of the 5 top programming languages used worldwide for Mobile App Development. This knowledge would definitely help you gain command while you finalize terms with a Mobile App Development company. So a quick look into the 5 most popular and effective programming languages for mobile app development –

  1. Java – There is no doubt about the fact that Java programming language is the most popular one owing to its object-oriented nature & diverse application premises. Java is the first choice of developers when it comes to Android app development and cross-platform app development as well. The biggest plus point in favour of using Java for mobile app development is that it can be run both ways – either in a browser window or in a virtual machine without a browser.
  2. Objective-C – If you wish to have a mobile app for iOS platform, Objective-C is the first and best choice. As the primary programming language for iPhone and iPad apps, Objective-C has a competitive edge for being the most reliable programming language to build robust & scalable iOS apps. Another plus point in favour of Objective-C is that it is fully in sync with all iOS and MacOS frameworks.
  3. HTML5 – HTML5 is one preferred programming language for developers who wish insert the multiple data types or have the responsibility to justify the variable screen sizes while developing the mobile app. Being a cost-efficient and time-saving language, HTML5 turns out to be the first choice of many mobile app development companies.
  4. C++ - Well, C++ programming language rules the world when it comes to building performance-oriented mobile apps for Android or Windows platform. The fact that this is the most popular programming language and there is no dearth of talented developers who are expert in this language, adds on to its popularity.
  5. Swift – A new entrant in the loss of Programming languages, Swift is used for writing codes for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, the latest APIs from Apple. Swift has been developed with a vision to support the framework of Objective-C. The language is gaining popularity owing to its functionality appeal.

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