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KMM as a New Approach to Cross-platform mobile App Development

Kmm As A New Approach To Cross-platform Mobile App Development

What is KMM(Kotlin Multi-platform)?

KMM is short for Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile and it represents a novel approach to mobile app development that combines elements of both native and cross-platform strategies. With KMM, developers can create shared server logic that spans multiple platforms. This server logic refers to the portion of the app that is responsible for exchanging data between the mobile app and the server, distinct from backend development.

Simultaneously, the user interface section will be distinct for every platform, so there will be particular codes for iOS and Android. For additional comprehensive details, please refer to the official website.



  • KMM can help you save valuable development time by requiring server logic to only be written once for all platforms. This eliminates the need for iOS developers and Android developers to repeat the same work. This can accelerate the development process by approximately 30%.
  • The same applies to money. Most developers charge an hourly rate, so saving your time equates to saving your money.
  • KMM is unique in that it enables you to create apps that have a native appearance on every platform. This is possible because developers create a separate UI component, meaning the visual design of the app. For instance, an iPhone app's visual design is created by an iOS developer, while the Android developer creates the visual design for an Android app. Therefore, with KMM, you don't have to compromise on user experience, unlike other cross-platform approaches.



  • In KMM, Kotlin is utilized for writing server logic, even though it was initially developed as a programming language for Android app development. The drawback is that it may be challenging to assemble a team of iOS developers proficient in this language to implement it in app development.
  • Due to KMM being in the beta stage, its stability cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, should you choose to develop your mobile apps using KMM, it is advisable to have a maintenance team on hand in case of errors. However, it's worth noting that the Kotlin team has assured the release of the alpha version later this year, providing some hope for improved stability.



Although KMM is a relatively new technology, it has already gained a substantial following from prominent companies. Netflix utilizes KMM to improve the speed and reliability of their products while Leroy Merlin incorporates it into their mobile app. Additionally, KMM is used by other industry giants such as Philips, Cash App, VMWare, Quizlet, Autodesk, and numerous others.


If you're thinking of cross-platform mobile app development services in New York for your idea, KMM is definitely worth considering.

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