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Staying Fit With Your Mobile And An Internet Connection

Staying Fit With Your Mobile And An Internet Connection

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has everyone running for help, people want to stay fit but have no time in hand to do so, and in this scenario mobile apps come to our rescue, the advantage of having a mobile app as your trainer is that, it is always with you, rather than travelling all the way to the gym you can follow your fitness routine at home, or in a hotel room while you are away on a business trip. The concept is the same; you need to surely make few lifestyle changes and a few nudges from your mobile phone will definitely make all the difference, whether it’s about walking a few steps more and keeping a track of them or if it’s about following a routine of few exercises or a simple diet counseling and keeping track of your calorie intake, mobile apps are the one stop solution to all your health related queries. What do workout and health apps do:

  • Act as tracking tools, workouts can be monitored, calories can be counted and stats of runs, walks, bike rides can be collected.
  • You can stay in touch with your trainer or nutritionist 24*7
  • Animations in the apps can help you get the live demo of exercises that need to be followed.
  • These apps give a complete and personalized meal plans and recipe recommendations to help the people lose weight and achieve their fitness goal.
  • To cut the monotonous routine these applications let you add your favorite music to the background.
  • Motivates you and connects you with people trying to lose weight, perhaps you can get more motivated by helping others, exchanging ideas with people of similar interest.

To have an app that motivates you and help you achieve your fitness goals is like hitting a jackpot, because a mobile phone is one thing that is always with you, come what may you can make a productive use of this device, it’s the first step to a healthy lifestyle. One such Application is “My workout buddy” developed by Naxtre. This application development company understands that when it’s about health there should be no hit and try, before developing My workout Buddy Naxtre consulted top fitness trainers, gathered the knowledge of exercise science and proper exercise techniques, workouts are designed for different categories from beginners to advance. It is a personal trainer app that lets you choose your trainer and the type of workout. Providing the user with a pocket personal trainer. Naxtre does a great job in presenting a fine and user-friendly app which definitely inspires its users to stay fit.

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