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Changes in Google SERPs, 4 Ads on Top – How would this impact you?

Changes In Google Serps, 4 Ads On Top – How Would This Impact You?

How many of you have noticed a changed in Google search engine results page (SERP) recently? Well, everyone who is thinking of leveraging on Search Engine Optimization must have noticed that now the Google Adwords shows 4 Ads (the paid results) on top. The right side ads on Google search page have disappeared and there are 3 more paid Ads in the bottom. These changes in Google SERP are already impacting the SEO and digital advertisers. Let us tell you how this will impact everyone who is keen to go ahead in digital marketing and content management system - 1. More avenues to get promoted – With four ads on top and three paid ones in the bottom of Google SERP, there are avenues for 7 brands to be promoted for a keyword. As a brand as well as an advertiser, this looks promising. However, the question is – does anyone pay attention to the bottom ads? Well, as long as the proposition featured in bottom ad is lucrative enough, there are chances of getting fair number of clicks 2. No ads on the Right side – Google SERP page earlier ran paid ads and promotions on the right side of its layout. Take a look now – there are no ads! The reason for the same has been given as the low response coming for right column Ads. Moreover, Google expects the CPC (cost per click) inflation to turn out more profitable when ads are being placed on top or bottom of the page rather than the right hand side. 3. SEO people need to work a little more – This layout change didn’t please the SEO professionals as this would push their results a bit lower than before. The Google SERP page is now looking a bit crowded with 4 ads on top and 3 more at the bottom. The competition seems to be intense now. All the more need for brands to invest in their SEO so that they get pushed up organically. Indeed, the change is set to bring more ad revenues for Google. It is also a wake-up call for everyone who has not taken optimizing their content seriously! All the more need for your brand to look for an expert SEO company!!

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