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Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

We all know the world of digital marketing is never stable. Always evolving and changing with new tools and opportunities to explore always. It's 2022 and there are trends that are already set to make the year an exciting one. While some staples such as SEO, personalization, social media, and content marketing, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been shaking up things over the years. We can't deny that the latest innovations, regulations, emerging platforms, and digital trends are cropping up to impact how businesses build brand awareness and boost sales. Although some of these trends might not have much impact now, it is still important to keep abreast of these trends and understand how to formulate strategies accordingly for the best results. The digital world is changing, you want to flow with the tide. Here are digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022!

Metaverse is the new rave

Facebook has rebranded to "meta" and the company is betting big time on digital reality. Metaverse goes beyond gaming and it entails virtual reality and experiences, digital avatars. Futurists, businesses, and investors are ready to bet their stake on its massive growth and its potential for social connection, socialization, entertainment, and even profit. Marketers can dive into this digital environment and explore all the digital opportunities it has to offer. Consumers might not care much about it now, but it is going to be a big one as the years unfold. From digital real estate to shopping to analyzing how consumers relate with ads virtually, there is so much to dive into. Be among the forward-thinkers making the first move for the first benefits. 

NFT set to revolutionize social commerce

NFT is currently the new buzzword for good reasons. These non-fungible tokens are unique, can't be interchanged with another NFT and it doesn't have anything of equal value. This is nothing like other currencies and there is no better way to celebrate uniqueness and value! NFT has suddenly become a part of the payment landscape. Leading brands like Coca-Cola, Charmin, McDonald's, Gucci are already issuing NFT collectibles and make it a part of their marketing mix. New and exciting cases are still coming up as more groundwork is being carried out to determine how it goes in the long haul.  Whether it is to open up new revenue streams, build brand awareness, or raise money for good cause, industry giants have already jumped on the bandwagon, you don't want to be left out. 

Many keep embracing cryptocurrency

Although cryptocurrencies have been around for a while, we can only be amazed at the rate it keeps soaring by the day. Not only are countries accepting this digital currency, but Twitter has also recently added Bitcoin payment to its app. Not only that, many major companies are now accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Cryptocurrencies have begun to gain acceptance worldwide and it's high time businesses look into this in order to gain higher consumer reach. 

Social media commerce continues to be on the rise

Social commerce has been gaining momentum with no sign of slowing down. Why won't this be? Your customers are highly likely on those social platforms and there is no better way to reach them than to be there as well. Many businesses have experienced exponential growth with social commerce. This is further buttressed with the pandemic and isolation that compelled many to embrace online shopping. From shoppable live streams to working with influencers, there are ways you can harness social platforms for your business growth. 

Gender neutrality is taking over

2022 is the year marketers are breaking societal gender norms and shifting away from the gender barrier. There has been an increased appetite for gender-neutral branding. We are already seeing brands introducing gender-neutral products, or redesigning their strategies to embrace gender neutrality. Many are shifting from traditional gender roles in order for their customers not to feel alienated. 

You can't mess with consumer privacy

Marketers rely heavily on consumer data for optimization. Unfortunately with the new regulations of Google's removal of cookies and iOS updates, marketers might be in for some trouble when it comes to getting data for campaigns and personalization. What can businesses do? Enough of relying on social platforms such as Facebook to derive data. Businesses need to go the extra mile of deriving data directly from consumers through online conversations or surveys. Brands should also implement other data-derivation methods such as emails, newsletters, and many more that place importance on consumers' privacy. Although this might take some extra effort, it's all worth it. 

Digital jobs are on the rise

Digital jobs are still among the most sought-after and this isn't surprising with the way the digital landscape keeps evolving. As business leaders continue to focus on digital transformation, this has brought about a wide increase in the demand for more skills to occupy the space. However, there is a wide gap between demand and skills. Therefore, it is important for marketers to stay in the known and work out plans for digital upskills that will help drive the business forward. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to digital marketing trends, there is so much noise out there that businesses can get caught up among them. However, the basics still remain important more than anything. Optimizing SEO, personalization, content marketing among others still play a huge role in your marketing efforts. While it is easy to get drifted away in the trends and be ready to embrace new tools and trends, take some time to analyze why your business needs it and what you stand to gain in the long run. Some trends might simply be hyped, a fad, or maybe something your business needs to go forward. Know what works for you and get started. If you are searching for the best digital marketing company to promote your business and generate more leads reach us now!

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