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Enterprise Mobility Trends in 2016: Exciting times ahead!

Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2016: Exciting Times Ahead!

The world has fallen in love with Mobile Apps; no wonder the global enterprise mobility services market has been growing exponentially. Quoting, “As of June 2015, more than 100 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from the Apple App Store”; one can imagine the popularity & omnipresence of mobile apps. Seems like the future holds many exciting surprises in context of enterprise mobility; take a look at some of the mobile app trends prophesied by team Naxtre for the year 2016 – Cross Platform apps to rule – Move over Android; Cross Platform Apps are here to give competition to iOS apps. Most of the global brands are opting to launch their mobile apps as a cross platform app so to capitalize on their investment by reaching maximum number of mobile users. Mobile apps ensuring more security – Entrepreneurs have always been worried about their data security while going ahead with enterprise mobility solutions. Software development companies all over the world are innovating solutions and techniques to develop such mobile apps that ensure highest data security. Cloud based apps – The world will see more Cloud-based apps that will help in reducing the cost and generate better ROIs. Cloud-based apps will leverage sharing of resources, addressing new risks and adding on to functionality factor. Enterprise Mobility & Internet of Things – Internet of Things is going to retain the centre spot when it comes to mobile app functionality. We are going to get more and more apps that make our life easier and help us in daily chores. We have already seen mobile apps that help us to manage energy and electricity usage at home like Oakter; we may soon similar and more advanced apps like this in 2016 as well. User Experience to dominate – Enterprise Mobility has reached a stage where User Experience matters most. How conveniently the user finds information on his/her small screen and how he/she enjoys the display – all these factors would greatly affect mobile app designing & development in times to come.

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