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Gesture Recognition - An effective way to interact

Gesture Recognition - An Effective Way To Interact

Technology plays an important role in our lives. It has become a part of our day-to-day activities. There are various interfaces or gadgets which we need to operate on regular basis. With the extensive use of different kinds of electronic devices, the idea of interaction between these gadgets and humans has enhanced exponentially and has offered an approach to extremely modern innovations. Once restricted to voice, speech recognition and control, these strategies have now advanced towards positions, and gesture of hands, eyes etc. What is Gesture Recognition? Gesture is any physical movement for non-verbal interaction which might be planned to exchange a specific message to another person, or in this case, a computer or any other gadget. Gestures can vary from face to hands. They can be performed by either single or both the hands and might be used as controlling conversational, communicative or manipulative hand gestures. This is a type of perceptual computing which allows user to execute commands based on the gestures recognized by the devices they wish to operate. The significant application zones of gesture recognition in the present situation are:

  • Automobile segment
  • Consumer Electronics segment
  • Gaming segment
As the popularity of Gesture Recognition increases, There are various fields where an implementation of GR is needed:-
  • Protection area
  • Human services area
  • Retail part
Gesture Recognition feature makes your phone smarter than ever: With the extensive use of different kinds of electronic devices the idea of interaction between these gadgets and humans has enhanced more rapidly and offered an approach to extremely modern innovations. Smart phones have become an important part of our daily routine. We depend on them more than any other technology. Even other markets like the US, Japan, Germany, and the UK are observing  growth in their Smartphone markets, and countries with rising economies like India, China, Indonesia, and Brazil, have enormous potential for Smartphone sales. The Devices Used for Gesture Recognition – Gesture recognition can be accomplished with the utilization of different devices and information gadgets. They are comprehensively grouped into three primary categories which include:
  • Sensor based devices
  • Glove-Based devices
  • Vision Based devices
  • Sensor based devices
    • Sensor based gesture recognition is obtained by the utilization of  input devices which use accelerometers, gyrostabilizer (a rotating mechanism) and other smaller scale electro-mechanical frameworks for developing estimation and processing.
  • Glove-Based devices
    • Glove based gadgets are frequently used in virtual reality environment. It is furnished with different kind of innovation, such as a system for detection of twisting fingers; a movement tracker is connected to capture the worldwide position/rotation information of the glove.
  • Vision Based devices
    • Vision based gesture recognition is refined by the utilization of either a solitary, 2D standard camera or two distinct cameras with reference to relations between each other known as Stereo cameras for exact 3D illustration of gestures.
Conclusion The end user is currently moving towards a radical new way of human machine collaboration. This is making a way for empowering Gesture Recognition.

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