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HomeKit - A game-changing innovation for a Smart Home

Homekit - A Game-changing Innovation For A Smart Home

The company that gave the world smart phones, Apple, now brings for us another innovation that would change our life for better - the Smart Home. The concept of Smart homes will be a reality soon, thanks to Apple's amazing product HomeKit. Apple had announced HomeKit in 2014 in partnership with many big brands on like iHome, Haier, Withings, Philips, iDevices, Belkin, Honeywell, and Kwikset. The first batch of HomeKit will be officially available - Lutron - iHome and - Insteon What actually is HomeKit? To simplify, HomeKit is the home automation system whereby you can control many things about your home from your Apple device. To elaborate, with HomeKit, you will be able to ensure security of your home, economise resources within your home and manage so many household chores... All this with your smart device! The most interesting thing is that HomeKit can function through Siri as well. Yes, Apple's voice assistance functionality, Siri, that we rarely use in our iPhones will play a major role in HomeKit. Though there are many apps and similar kits claiming to make your household functioning automated, Apple's HomeKit will take the user experience to next level. How will HomeKit benefit masses? Generally the technical advancements are meant to benefit the top rung people who are techno-savvy enough to lead the trend. And it takes a lot of time for such innovations to reach to the ground-level people. HomeKit is going to be different - it is one innovation even the middle class families are looking forward to. Who wouldn't like to manage the lights in their homes or power switches or the home security with one click? And then, the benefit of having all this database stored in your phone device and getting managed through Siri! HomeKit is indeed going to be more WOW than it sounds. How will HomeKit work? The HomeKit will come as a complete package and will include different products/devices that will be configured and synced through your iOS device. The latest News is that the HomeKit can also be managed through an exclusive app - Home App which will help you remotely control your home with the help of your iOS device or any other smart phone. To know everything else in detail about Apple's HomeKit, you will have to wait for a while as the HomeKit and the Home app are expected to debut with iOS 9 in coming months. Till then, stay excited!

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