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iBeacon Technology: The Concierge Of The Future

Ibeacon Technology: The Concierge Of The Future

Apple users can very well identify with any technological word starting with ‘i’! Yes, iBeacon is also one of Apple’s concept, a Bluetooth-based beacon concept, to be more specific. iBeacon is a system whereby broadcasting device (a beacon device) is able to send messages, both text and audio-visual, to the receiver’s smartphone. Simplifying it a little more, iBeacon is a proximity concept which uses Bluetooth technology to flash messages within a certain radius on to smartphones having iBeacon app. Now, just imagine how beneficial iBeacon is proving to be in retail and corporate world! A few examples demonstrate the best -

  1. Retailers or brand showrooms in multi-brand outlets can us this technology to send across multi-media messages about the products, schemes, new arrivals and even about their specific location in a Mall.
  2. For a consumer, iBeacon app is like a mini information guide. This is what makes it so useful and an important communication tool for the retailer. They can send detailed brochures or even videos to the window-shoppers coming within their proximity.
  3. This proximity feature is a big advantage for the users as they will not be hounded with updates everywhere. Remember, messages are received only when a user enters into the range of an iBeacon.
  4. For corporates & officials, iBeacon is the best way to send multimedia presentations, important official notices, circulars, information etc to all the employees at once.
  5. iBeacon can play an important role in colleges and education institutes whereby teachers & administration staff can send education content or relevant information to every student in the proximity.

iBeacon works seamlessly on all iPhones and iPads. Owing to its ever-increasing functionality & popularity, many new features and advancements are happening in the context of it. The latest one being iBeacons with the temperature sensor. So as a sender you can send temperature updates with your iBeacon. This small piece of information would act as a reminder to the user about your BRAND’s presence in a mall or locality.

Naxtre is one of the companies that have been innovating for iBeacon technology for last 2 years. As one of the leading enterprise mobility solution provider, Naxtre has to its credit many innovative apps and systems in the genre of Internet of Things. We are also working on offering economical solutions to the broadcasters looking for iBeacon with temperature sensor feature. For more details, email us at

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