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iOS 14.7: The best iPhone User-Friendly features you'll use before iOS 15 is released

Ios 14.7: The Best Iphone User-friendly Features You'll Use Before Ios 15 Is Released

Apple is readying a big update for the iPhone and iPad in the form of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, but that's not stopping the company from improving the current software that's running on millions of devices. For example, Apple recently released iOS 14.7 for the iPhone, adding support for the new MagSafe Battery Pack to the iPhone 12 lineup, and the much-requested feature of combining accounts in the Apple Card Family.

On the off chance that you've held off from joining the iOS 15 public beta (which is a smart thought), relax - there are a lot of elements in iOS 14 overall to keep you occupied until the new programming is delivered this fall, in all likelihood in September.

For example, Apple Music has an extravagant new Spatial Audio stunt that can cause you to feel like you're in the room when the artist recorded the song when listening in with AirPods. There are additionally new Siri voices, further developed security highlights, and a Podcasts subscription service.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, however. Below you'll find iOS 14.7 features that will hold you over until Apple releases iOS 15, likely alongside the iPhone 13.

Apple Card becomes a family affair

With the arrival of iOS 14.6, Apple added Apple Card Family sharing that permits you to share your Apple Card account with anybody in your Family Sharing group. At the point when Apple Card Family initially appeared, the capacity to join two Apple Card Family accounts was absurd. With iOS 14.7, however, you would now be able to consolidate two existing Apple Card accounts in a similar Apple Family group. That implies on the off chance that you and your partner each have an independent Apple Card account, you can change it over to a shared service.

To welcome somebody to share your Apple Card account, either as a co-proprietor where both of you are responsible for making payments (useful for building credit for both account proprietors) or as a member. The last choice allows you to draw spending lines, yet they aren't responsible for any payments- helpful for sharing your Apple Card with your child.

Face ID works with a mask if you still need one

Wearing a face mask during a pandemic protects you, however, it likewise prompts a staggeringly frustrating experience when it comes to unlocking your Face ID-frustrating experience iPhone when you're out in public. You either need to bring down your mask briefly or sit tight for it to ask you for your PIN code. Neither one of the alternatives is great.

Since iOS 14.5, the iPhone will search for your paired Apple Watch to open itself at whatever point it sees the base portion of your face is covered. In the event that your watch is nearby, your iPhone will open - as a rule, similarly as quick as it regularly does when utilizing Face ID.

Here are finished guidelines specifying how to set up the new open instrument and how to utilize it. (complete with an extravagant energized GIF).

Siri has four new voices for you to pick from

Interestingly, this is the first time that Siri's voice will no longer default to a female voice. Indeed, Apple added two absolutely new voices and has made inconspicuous enhancements to the past voices. Altogether, there are four voices English speakers can look over when setting up another device.

Assuming you need to change Siri's voice, you can do it whenever by going into the Settings application. Complete guidelines can be found here. After you pick another sound for Siri, make certain to return and leave a remark with your top choice. I went with Voice 3.

Privacy is a top priority in iOS 14

Perhaps the most controversial feature included iOS 14.5 was the necessity that applications request authorization to follow you across your Apple devices. On the off chance that you decline the request, or block applications from asking you altogether, the developers need to respect your choice. On the off chance that an application is discovered following you without authorization, it could get kicked out of the App Store. To look at the new features, go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking on your iPhone or iPad.

New home screen features are welcome

The iPhone currently has an application cabinet-like feature called App Library, which goes about as a stockroom to store the entirety of the applications you don't consistently utilize. You can get to the App Library by swiping from right to left on your screen past the entirety of your present home screens. Another first for the iPhone is the capacity to put gadgets on the home screen. Apple provided developers with the tools to create a new style of widget that's sure to make your Android friends jealous.

Create a Smart Stack widget of your liking

Discussing widgets, you're not secured in utilizing Apple's curated Smart Stack widget. You can make your own heap of widgets utilizing a similar strategy you'd use to make an application folder. Truly, it takes more time to choose which widgets to include than it does to create it.

Create your own app icons and customize your phone's home screen.

Apple additionally added new features to its Shortcuts application, with the most famous option being the capacity to make your own application icons and completely alter the appearance of your phone. So rather than the Apple Mail application symbol, you can download a symbol that replaces it with an image of an adorable cat or the Gmail icon and utilize that to launch the application. The interaction is fairly monotonous, yet assuming you need a home screen that is not normal for some other, it's certainly worth your time.

App Clips are miniature on-demand apps you don't install

Consider App Clips small applications that lone show you a part of what the full application can do. For instance, a Yelp App Clip could show your business hours and the menu for a particular restaurant and that's it. Need to attempt one? Open the Apple Maps application on your iPhone, look for Panera Bread, tap on an area and afterward select Order Food. Pretty cool, isn't that so? In the wake of utilizing an App Clip, you can get to it again in the App Library in the as of late added folder.

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max get a new photo file format

This is doubtlessly a feature for photography buffs, yet one that will ideally provoke the interest of the individuals who are hoping to get a bit more out of their iPhone camera. The arrival of iOS 14.3 added Apple's ProRaw photograph design, which permits you to take photographs utilizing the crude photography arrangement and make changes to it with no picture debasement as when the photograph is changed over to a JPG (the norm for Apple's camera application).

Assign default apps for Mail or Safari

Apple added the capacity to delete its own applications from your iPhone a couple of years prior, yet you actually couldn't set applications like Gmail or Outlook as your default email application. Presently you can, yet Apple has restricted this new component to just the email and internet browsers. It just takes a couple of taps to roll out the improvement, after which you will not need to manage Apple's applications at any point in the future.

Even more camera tricks

There are several subtle but important new features in the Camera app. For example, when taking a photo at night, there's a new guide to remind you to keep still. You'll see crosshairs that show you where to keep the camera. There's also a new exposure adjustment dial, and you can snap multiple photos much quicker.

Above is the list of iOS 14.7 features that iPhone users can enjoy before iOS 15 release.

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