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iOS 9 – An upgrade over iOS 8 in true sense!

Ios 9 – An Upgrade Over Ios 8 In True Sense!

For all Apple fans, some or other upgrades in iOS or iPhone apps is not rare News. But this time, with an upgrade in iOS, the Apple Company is receiving worthy appreciations. The newly announced iOS 9 is certainly better than iOS 8 and in many things. Take a look – iOS 9 upgrade brings a more proactive role for Siri - Siri gets not just a colourful facelift but is made more capable of understanding a wider range of requests and activities. For example when you install iOS 9 in your iPhone, you can ask Siri to show you your pictures of vacation in Singapore in June 2014. She will do that immediately. Interesting, isn’t it! Another major upgrade in iOS 9 comes in Apple's Spotlight Search - Now you can spot videos also in your search result. This feature wasn’t available on iOS 8. With a left swipe from your home screen, you can see app suggestions, keys contacts and other location and time specific information getting displayed in the main search page. Multitasking on iPads with iOS 9 – iOS 9 brings this good news for people who treat their iPad equivalent to their work system! This upgrade will give iPad user the all-new split-screen multitasking mode, whereby one can accomplish two tasks at once. Indeed, this makes iOS 9 infinitely better than iOS 8. Low power mode – iOS 9 will be introducing a ‘Low power mode’ which will give you three extra hours of usage by turning off the Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc to conserve power. This feature was not there in iOS 8 and we all have been shifting to battery saving mode by turning off the data, Wi-Fi on our own. iOS 9 is going to be available as a free software update for iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and later. So in a way if your Apple device is currently running on iOS 8, you will be able to upgrade easily on iOS 9. Moreover, iOS download is just 1.3 GB! So now with reduced size, you have more space in your Apple device for other apps and things. With technology of iOS 9 taking a giant leap over iOS 8, it’s time for you to tune your frequencies with a technologically advanced mobile app developing company. Let’s capitalize on the features available in iOS 9 to upgrade your business apps or design fresh mobile apps in sync with iOS 9!

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