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How IT Staff Augmentation Model Can Enhance Your Business Growth?

How It Staff Augmentation Model Can Enhance Your Business Growth?

What is Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is also known as contracts. Staff Augmentation is a flexible, cost-effective outsourcing strategy. The Staff Augmentation model is companies hiring tech talent globally from a third party on a contractual basis for a concrete project or project.

This is ideal when a company does not wish to make a permanent commitment to hiring additional personnel but needs additional help or expertise.

Businesses can select candidates that match their requirements and cut or extend their augmented teams when necessary. Plenty of companies offers staff augmentation. A vendor that provides IT staff augmentation can help you add skilled technical resources to your in-house development team either on a short-term or long-term basis.

Types of staff augmentation

Short-Term Services: When employees are in high demand or if in-house teams are unavailable, companies require short-term services.

Long-Term Services: We recommend this model for long-term projects filling skills gaps, reducing operational costs, or not preferring internal hiring processes.

Commodity: Whenever you need reliable workers to do jobs that do not require special skills, like factory or warehouse work or manual labor.

Skill Based: You require more advanced skills that can only be developed through significant training and experience, which is also essential. Here specialist matters the most than the generalist.

Benefits of staff augmentation


Staff augmentation is a flexible solution that is ideal for companies experiencing regular shifts in demand. A team that is working on a project may run into certain issues that it feels are out of its depth and so can scale up to meet certain standards.

Choose the Skills you Need Most

Targeting the skills you need can enable you to get effective workers in place quickly and affordably, whether you need help on a specific project or for your entire business. You will not have to hire one person and then hope that they have the right expertise for the job; you will be able to select the right person who has the exact skills you need.

Boosted Flexibility Saves Time and Money

The ability to hire a short-term worker for the projects you need help with can save you both time and money. Using a staff augmentation service can lower your employee costs – and you won't have to worry about downtime or finding work for a full-time employee when there's no work to do.

Better management

Staff augmentation benefits businesses because it means that they have greater control over workers. This is because they are directly responsible for the tasks of the augmented staff and their integration with the team. From start to finish the business takes full control.

Eliminate Recruitment Overhead and HR Management

With staff augmentation, the provider is responsible for the recruitment and HR management of the staff you require. This allows you to save on time and costs associated with recruiting staff and redirect resources to more critical positions or HR tasks that your business needs.

How to Succeed with Staff Augmentation?

  • Choose a vendor that will provide your remote developers with separate team rooms that have all necessary facilities. For example, at Naxtre, our teams have rooms with the client's company branding to facilitate offshore team integration with the in-house developers. 
  • Make sure remote developers feel the effect of being with your local team. At the request of some of our clients, we install so-called “windows to the client” – there's a camera in the team's room and a screen that shows what's going on in the local office.
  • Ask the vendor whether they have professionals who will help you collaborate with your team more efficiently. At Naxtre, we have Client Managers that work alongside your developers and help eradicate all potential misunderstandings throughout your cooperation.

Our Staff Augmentation Services

Naxtre offers flexible staff augmentation services – whether you need to hire 1 or 20 developers or want to augment your team with other tech professionals, we can help you. Our developers will work full-time on your product development and have no simultaneous projects distracting them. You'll be the one to manage our developers, so they'll feel like part of your core team. In case an issue arises that you or your augmented team need to discuss, a Client manager or team coordinator will help you facilitate the process.

Apart from extending your local team, Naxtre offers several value-added services that ensure the smooth integration of your remote development team and help you grow your business. These services include App Development, Web Development, Support services and maintenance services.

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