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Make Your Mobile Application iOS 14 Compatible with Naxtre

Make Your Mobile Application Ios 14 Compatible With Naxtre

Why you need to make your app iOS 14 Compatible:

iOS 14 carries a new look at the things you do regularly, making them simpler than at any other time. New Features help you get what you need at the time. Furthermore, the applications you use all the time become even more intelligent, more personal, and more private.

Security Features:

iCloud keychain is going to build in a feature to alert you about leaked passwords.

Apple offers a “Security Recommendations" menu in iOS 14, that shows only your passwords that could put your accounts at risk for some reason. This includes passwords that are easy to guess and even those that may have leaked on the web.

iOS 14.0 features:-

With the iOS 14 SDK , apple has introduced many new features. One of them is app clips. In this, users can more easily discover your app’s core functionality through app clips. SwiftUI introduces a new app life cycle and new view layouts. It supports the new WidgetKit framework, which allows your app to display information directly on the iOS Home screen. Family sharing for In-app purchase is also a powerful feature. Users can share their subscriptions, purchases, and more with everyone in their household. Vision API additions help your app analyze images and videos. There are also many other features like ARKit advances, screen time, file compression, natural language, pencilkit,MetricKitetc. Let’s discuss each feature in detail one by one.

1. Redesigned widgets:- iOS 14 adds widgets to the home screen of the iPhone and iPad for the first time. Widgets are more data-rich than ever and come in a variety of sizes. Apps move out of the way automatically to make room for the widgets. You access these widgets through the “Widget Gallery,” with multiple different sizing options. Widgets now come in small, medium, and large sizes so you can pick the information density that’s right for you. Place widgets anywhere on the Home Screen for information at a glance. Perfect for tracking your commute, activity, Calendar events, or News stories. Place widgets anywhere on the Home Screen for information at a glance. Perfect for tracking your commute, activity, Calendar events, or News stories.

iOS 13 widget will not work in ios14. Widgets have to redesigned for  iOS 14 with Swift UI.

2. App Clips:- Apple added App Clips to iOS 14, letting users take advantage of some app features without needing to download the full app. An app clip is a lightweight version of your app that offers users some of its functionality. App Clips can let you do things like rent a scooter, purchase a coffee, make a restaurant reservation, or fill a parking meter just by scanning a code, with no need to download a full app. 

Apple describes App Clips as just a "small part of an app experience" designed to be found in the moment it is needed. App Clips work through Apple-designed App Clip codes, NFC tags, or QR codes, and can also be shared in Messages or from Safari. 

3. Family Sharing for In-App Purchases:-  Family Sharing is a simple way for users to share subscriptions, purchases, and more with everyone in their household. And with iOS 14, you can choose to offer Family Sharing for your users’ in-app purchases and subscriptions so their whole family can enjoy the added benefits. 

4. SwiftUI:- SwiftUI provides a selection of new built-in views, including a progress indicator and a text editor. It also supports new view layouts, like grids and outlines. Grids and the new lazy version of stacks load items only as needed.

Starting in Xcode 12, you can now use SwiftUI to define the structure and behavior of an entire app. Compose your app from scenes containing the view hierarchies that define an app's user interface. Add menu commands, handle life-cycle events, invoke system actions, and manage storage across all of your apps. By incorporating WidgetKit into your app, you can also create widgets that provide quick access to important content right on the iOS Home screen or the macOS Notification Center.

5. VISION:- With iOS 14, the Vision framework has added APIs for trajectory detection in video, hand and body pose estimation for images and video, contour detection to trace the edges of objects and features in image and video, and optical flow to define the pattern of motion between consecutive video frames.The Vision framework performs face and face landmark detection, text detection, barcode recognition, image registration, and general feature tracking. Vision also allows the use of custom Core ML models for tasks like classification or object detection.

6. App Store Privacy Information:-

Privacy is at the core of the entire iOS experience, and new privacy information in the App Store gives users even more transparency and control over their personal information. On iOS 14, apps will be required to ask users for permission to track them across apps and websites owned by other companies. Later this year, the App Store will help users understand apps’ privacy practices, and you’ll need to enter your privacy practice details into App Store Connect for display on your App Store product page.

7. Natural Language:- The Natural Language framework provides a variety of natural language processing (NLP) functionality with support for many different languages and scripts. Use this framework to segment natural language text into paragraphs, sentences, or words, and tag information about those segments, such as part of speech, lexical class, lemma, script, and language.

8. File Compression:- iOS 14 includes new framework Apple Archive, with the help of it can perform fast, multithreaded, lossless compression of directories, files, and data in iOS.

9. Screen Time:-  The Screen Time framework gives the tools for  helping parents and guardians supervise their children’s web usage. 

10. MetricKit:-  Aggregate and analyze per-device reports on exception and crash diagnostics, and on power and performance metrics.

11. PencilKit :-  PencilKit now enables handwriting recognition inside text fields. Using gestures, users can also select or delete text, and join or break up words. You can add data detection to your app, as well as text and shape recognition and selection.PencilKit makes it easy to incorporate hand-drawn content into your iPadOS or macOS apps. PencilKit provides a drawing environment for iOS app that receives input from Apple Pencil or the user’s finger, and turns it into images you display in iPadOS, iOS, or macOS. The environment comes with tools for creating, erasing, and selecting lines.

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