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Mobile App or Mobile Website – What is best for your business?

Mobile App Or Mobile Website – What Is Best For Your Business?

Before you go searching for the best Mobile App Development company in India or hire an expert company for developing mobile website, take time to ask yourself – What would work best for my business – A Mobile App or a Mobile Website? It is important to understand the difference between both before you take any final decision. Both the mobile app and mobile website are operated from handheld devices – Smartphone, iPad, Tab etc. Mobile Website is like a webpage that gets opened in the phone browser. In other words, all responsive HTML pages which are accessible through handheld devices are called mobile websites. But the mobile app, on the other hand, is an application that gets downloaded and installed on the mobile device through Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store. It stays in the mobile phone as long as the user doesn’t delete it and comes with many special features which aren’t available on the mobile website. Now for the decision part; there are many things that make choosing to invest in a Smartphone App a wiser decision. The biggest benefit being the fact that Mobile Apps come with push notification services which mean that you can communicate regularly with your prospects and associates once your app is downloaded in their Smartphone! But having a mobile app without having any mobile website won’t serve your purpose much. Especially for startups, it is important to have a responsive website first and the investment in a mobile app should be done in later stages. There is no denying the fact that developing a Mobile App comes out to be more time-consuming and costly affair than developing a Mobile Website. Keeping in mind the trend of #DigitalIndia and Smartphone revolutions, having a mobile app for your business makes sense. Having a mobile app in current times would surely give you an edge over your competition. And in case you have some great idea going on in your mind which you think can change the way people use technology, you must consider getting a Mobile App developed. There are many expert Enterprise Mobility Solutions providing companies in India that offer customized, need-specific and budget-specific Mobile App Development solutions. Outsourcing Mobile App Development work to one of the best companies in India like Naxtre, would help your business maximize its ROI and capitalizes on your innovative idea in lesser payback time. To know more on how Naxtre adds value to your Mobile App idea, drop us an email at

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