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Mobilegeddon - Mobile-friendly websites rule!

Mobilegeddon - Mobile-friendly Websites Rule!

The name sounds quite impressive and impactful, Mobilegeddon, is Google's changed algorithm that will put "mobile friendly" sites on top in Search results whoever a user Googles using his or her smart phone. So should Mobilegeddon worry you? It definitely should if your site is not mobile friendly! In an age when 80% of internet users search through Smartphone, not having a mobile-friendly website is a crime. The penalty you will pay is to sink deep down in the search rankings. To simplify, it's high time to get your website mobile-optimized. You can take this thought forward by checking whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Take this Google Mobile-Friendly Test where all you need to do is enter your website's domain address in the bar and get your result when you ask for Analyze. While you wait with fear of whether your website will pass or fail the Google Mobile-Friendly Test; here are some expert tips (courtesy Team Naxtre) that play a big role in making a website mobile-friendly – -Using flash in your website would not be a wise decision as it doesn't render well on many mobile devices. -Make sure that the text put on your website should not be so small in size that the reader has to zoom-in to read. -Do not make your reader scroll horizontally for reading the content. The placing and distribution of content should be proper and vertical scrolling is a better way to spread your content. -The content and visuals should be legible and the reader should experience a smooth navigation while visiting your website on mobile device. Mobilegeddon has added a new dimension to SEO and companies are taking the word 'responsive design' seriously. There has been a “4.7% uptick” in mobile friendly sites since the announcement of Mobilegeddon, as reported by Google. Proactive and Progressive companies, whether big or small, are now realizing the importance of having mobile-friendly website. Especially when 48% of internet usage on Smartphones and tablets accounts for searching through search engines! And in case, you are noticing a tremendous drop in first time website visitors or organic search visits, it's time to pay attention to your website's responsiveness. To know whether you will need a new website or you can revamp your old one to suit the Mobilegeddon's implications, get in touch with an expert and technologically advanced team in the genre of website development. A quick action will make Mobilegeddon work in your favour rather than against!

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