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MongoDB Vs Firebase – Comparison of Two Best Databases in 2022

Mongodb Vs Firebase – Comparison Of Two Best Databases In 2022

The argument between Firebase vs MongoDB has been fumed in the development business for a long time. With the growth of the cloud, managed services have brushed the industry, raising development prospects in the process. Firebase and MongoDB are both working to create robustly, and scalable modern database platforms for application developers. It’s a great time in the history of databases, and certain software and app development as a whole, that is unlocking new levels of developer productivity and data utility. Across every industry, a new generation of consumers are demanding highly usable, drastically simplified interfaces, and fully managed, self-service experiences–and developers are no different.

Because of technology growth, mobile app development is fast growing. A company must stay up to fluctuating trends. However, in a rush to stay up with technological developments, they will make errors that could be calamitous. One such blunder would be to design a mobile app with an incompatible database.

The main goal of mobile app development is to influence many mobile users and convert them into customers. You should consider your iOS, Android, and web app users to achieve this aim. To save data and support these apps, you’ll also need secure cloud storage. Your program may crash if the database is not built correctly or set up.

Quick Lesson on Database Types

SQL and NoSQL are the most effective database classes which you want to suppose about:

What is SQL?

In the SQL databases, the records are saved in a linear style in tables just like the excel spreadsheet. In short, you may recollect SQL as MS Excel on Steroids.

Top SQL Database Alternatives for 2022:

  • MySQL
  • OracleDB
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • AWS Aurora
  • MariaDB
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • SAP SQL Anywhere

What is NoSQL?

The data shows in a tree-like structure in the NoSQL database. For instance, every new information is added as a branch and then sub-branches as you keep on adding.

Top NoSQL Database Alternatives for 2022:

  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • Cassandra
  • Elasticsearch
  • Couchbase
  • Oracle NoSQL
  • Neo4j
  • HBase
  • Memcached
  • CouchDB
  • Redis

Reason Why Companies Move From SQL To NoSQL?

There were many drawbacks that businesses faced due to setting up an SQL database. Obviously, the NoSQL database resolved these disadvantages.

Choose The Best NoSQL Database : MongoDB Vs Firebase 2022.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a development platform known originally for its real-time database that’s still at its core a multi-node, key-value database optimized for synchronizing data, often between user machines or smartphones, and centralized storage in the cloud.

For my non-technical readers, Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service. Furthermore, it provides a real-time database and backend as a service. The real-time database is ideal while you need your data to stay synchronized throughout all your app users.

Firebase Offers Following Suite of Features

  • Real-time Database
  • Cloud Firestore
  • Hosting
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Storage
  • Cloud Storage
  • ML Kit
  • Cloud Messaging
  • Remote Config
  • Cloud Functions
  • Test Lab
  • Crash Reporting
  • Dynamic Links
  • App Indexing
  • In-App Messaging
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Google Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Predictions
  • AdMob

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a document-orientated NoSQL database used for excessive extent data storage. Instead of the usage of tables and rows as inside the conventional relational databases, MongoDB uses collections and files. Documents encompass key-cost pairs which can be the primary unit of data in MongoDB. Collections incorporate sets of files and characteristic that is equal to relational database tables. The developers have plenty of extra power in developing applications due to the fact they don`t just make their applications accommodate the desires of the database anymore. Therefore, MongoDB accommodates them so the app can store data in a natural way.

MongoDB Offers Following Suite of Features

  • Data analytics support
  • Dynamic schemas support
  • Real-time Data reporting
  • Adjustable and document-based
  • Excellent cloud-based storage support
  • Easy to understand database architecture

Firebase Vs MongoDB: The Camparison

Developed ByGoogleMongoDB, Inc
Initial release20122009
PerformanceInferior to MongoDBSeamless performance with high traffic apps
Cloud SupportYesNo
Server Operating SystemHostedLinux, OS X, Solaris, Windows
Supported Programming languageJava, JavaScript, Objective-CJava, JavaScript, NodeJS, Perl, C, C#, Python, PHP,etc
SecurityLess Secure compared to MongoDBMore Secured compared to Firebase
API and other access methodsAndroid, iOS, JavaScript API, RESTful HTTP APIProprietary protocol using JSON
Suitable forsmall-scale applicationlarge-scale application
Replication MethodDoesn’t Support ReplicationSupports Master-Slave Replication
Map-reduce methodDoesn’t support Map-Reduce MethodSupports Map-Reduce Method
Partitioning MethodDoesn’t support Partitioning MethodSupports Partitioning Method

Firebase Vs MongoDB: In 2022, Who Will Have The Upper Hand?

Both technologies have their very own knowledge and area of integration. For example, Firebase is designed for real-time updates and data management. On the opposite hand, MongoDB is a pleasant guess for quick data dealing with big enterprises.

In conclusion; whichever database you choose, you will need a highly skilled and intelligent development team to set up your internal database structure. So choose your Firebase developer or MongoDB developer only after proper analysis and research.

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