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Say Hello to Android Marshmallow!

Say Hello To Android Marshmallow!

Android users are excited and you would not mind joining in the celebration if your Smartphone works on Android OS as well. The good News centers around the expected launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is so revolutionary in its features that techno-enthusiasts and gadget-geeks are counting days for its arrival! The one big thing that sets the ball in favour of Android Marshmallow is the expanded battery life for all those Smartphones that will run on Android M. All thanks to the super-amazing ‘Doze’ and ‘App Standby’ functionality!  So when you enable the Doze Mode in your Android Marshmallow enabled Smartphone, your device will be taken into a deep sleep mode so that the phone battery does not get drained because of app updates! The App Standby feature is equally awesome in adding on to your daily battery life. This feature will disable the applications that are not active straight from the network support when you unplug your device. The deactivated Apps will resume working on their own the moment your device is plugging in again. Isn’t that amazing? It certainly is and there is more amazement with features like Android Pay, Native fingerprint authentication, Automatic app data backups, Multi Window working, Visual Voicemail Support, New Boot animation, Split-screen keyboard, Bluetooth scanning to improve location accuracy and an addition of new MEMORY section in Settings! The list of features is endless. Foe people who use their Smartphone and Android Tabs for writing work, there will be a new feature that can undo and redo text changes with Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts. Even a simple upgrade in Android M like SD Cards can be ‘merged’ with internal storage will add on heaps to the mobile phone functionality. Now the million dollar question is how will Android Marshmallow impact Software and Mobile App Development? Well, the world is all set to see more functional, more impressive and smarter than ever mobile apps. With OS as advanced as Android Marshmallow, it will be a crime if your Mobile App still isn’t sync with latest technology and fails to match up with the trends of data, syncing and battery compatibility. Click here if you want to know how you can get such Mobile Apps developed that make the most of Android Marshmallow.

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