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SDS Technology Enabling A Software Defined Storage Environment

Sds Technology Enabling A Software Defined Storage Environment

Software Defined Storage is a revolution in storage industry that has completely changed the way storage will be managed and deployed in the future, this type of storage is virtualized with added service management interface feature, Software Defined storage is a simplified version of managing storage where cost is considerably decreased, the ability to scale the storage without hampering the performance makes it a good storage opportunity.

This Storage infrastructure is managed and automated by intelligent software as opposed to the traditional ways in which storage hardware itself manages the storage. In this way, the pooled storage infrastructure resources in a software-defined storage (SDS) environment can be easily and efficiently be allocated to match the application needs of an enterprise and achieve maximum productivity.

Advantages of SDS technology :
  • Lowering Cost and Complexity
  • Enabling Agility
  • Giving organizations a lot more options
  • Reducing total cost of ownerships
  • Automated management

By separating the storage software from the  hardware that manages the storage infrastructure, software-defined storage enables enterprises to purchase storage hardware without having to worry so much about issues such as exchange and use of information, under- or over-utilization of storage resources, and manual inaccuracy of storage resources.

The software that enables an SDS environment can provide features such as
  • replication
  • snapshots
  • thin provisioning
  • backup and restore capabilities
  • Elimination of duplicate or redundant information

The latest trend in the SDS is to build a network of simple, massively scalable hardware arrays; they can be hard drives, flash storage and connect them together with an SDS system so that more storage can always be added simply by adding hardware. This is known as “scale-out” architecture.

The future of data storage is here. More and more companies are investigating the potential of software-defined storage in data center implementation. Increasing demand for inexpensive storage is indicative of the fact that there are changes in the way service providers are examining how to meet consumer requirements, at the same time maximizing profits and efficiency. For data center administrators facing the challenge of scalability, flexibility, cost etc, Software Defined Storage is the best answer.

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