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Top Vue UI Component Libraries and Frameworks

Top Vue Ui Component Libraries And Frameworks

We generally have considered JavaScript a solid programming language. All things considered, it contains event-driven, objective-oriented, and dynamic components. What's more, with regards to making SPAs (Single Page Applications) and UIs (User Interfaces) utilizing a JavaScript framework, we need to think about Vue.js as perhaps the most progressive JS framework.

Vue.js is one of the most prevalently utilized front-end JavaScript frameworks that can separate a website page into different components. The utilization of UI component libraries makes this system simpler. Numerous Vue UI component libraries can help you in the development cycle.

List of Top Vue UI Component Libraries and Frameworks

This blog will explore the most recognized Vue UI component libraries and frameworks that you can use. Let’s read on to know more!


BootstrapVue is a famous front-end framework in the world, as it helps you build responsive websites with easily customizable UI elements. BootstrapVue brings the power of Bootstrap to Vue. The documentation of Bootstrap Vue is easy to set up and understand. Moreover, it makes front-end applications done quicker.

If you’re experienced with Bootstrap, then BootStrapVue will be easy to master, and it will help you build great web applications in no time!


Quasar is a framework with a strong community and a multitude of use cases. It follows the Material Design guidelines and fully supports all desktop and mobile browsers.

Quasar has already launched nearly all its Version-1 elements, directives, and plugins. Furthermore, it launched composable that helps developers learn more about the Quasar API.  Its main strength is that it’s all-in-one, covering many of the nifty web development tasks out of the box.

For developers looking to deploy to multiple platforms from one code base, Quasar is a great option.


Vuetify is a Vue UI component framework based on Material Design, a popular design language developed by Google. Using it, you can make the styles of your components perfect with SASS libraries. Moreover, it is compatible with Vue CLI-3 and supports all modern browsers and accessibility instructions. It has many reusable UI elements like cards, navigations, and carousels.

Vuetify is a great choice if you’re working on a professional web application and want everything to look great out of the box, without having to manually design each component.


If you’ve used Bulma, a CSS framework used by over 200.000 developers, then Buefy may be a great choice for you. Buefy combines Bulma with Vue, helping you build good-looking applications using minimal code. You can either import it totally or single elements on a normal webpage.

You can easily integrate Buefy into your project, either using CDN or npm. Buefy offers easily available UI icons, layout, and components. Its components can utilize SASS to your theme. Buefy supports modern web browsers also.


PrimeVue is a big example of a framework that allows you to build complex, modern, and highly dynamic Vue applications. Its components incorporate passwords forms with sliders, meters, graphs, trees, charts, split buttons, knobs, and more.

You can build user interfaces for enterprise software with this framework, too, as its components have been made for designing complex software applications. This also explains why the PrimeVue component library is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, such as Airbus, Ford, Intel, and others.


Element is a Vue UI component library with a large community. Element brings an extensive range of modest components to Vue 3. Moreover, this library also provides mature time and date pickers, timelines, calendar elements, and trees. Element Plus also provides easy animations and a framework-wide globalization system.

This library is developed mostly by Chinese contributors and the original documentation was written in Chinese. Element is a great kit for developing complex desktop UIs by teams of developers, designers, and product managers.

Keen UI

Keen UI is a moderately popular Vue framework that also follows the Material Design guidelines. It doesn’t come with out-of-the-box styling but, instead, provides you with well-coded interactive components that otherwise would require you to write JavaScript.

This lightweight library features a simple API that helps in app layout creation. Keen UI mainly focuses on interactive elements that need to use JavaScript.


Vuesax makes a project's front-end programming reliable and smooth. Vuesax offers numerous open accessible components that you can tailor as per your prerequisites and effectively apply to the project.

The whole front-end and the freestyling of components make it feasible for the applications to be particular among the normal group. Vuesax helps much in brand advancement. It is made utilizing JavaScript, Vue.js, Babel, TypeScript, SASS, and different structures.

Ionic Vue

This UI structure inclines more towards the mobile UI. Ionic Vue includes a major Slack channel with essential individuals, an incredible local area, undertaking help, and plentiful StackOverflow questions.

Henceforth, you can utilize it any time you need assistance. Numerous enormous associations utilize Ionic Vue as its group is well known for keeping up with its UI systems appropriately.

Chakra UI

Chakra UI is an easily accessible, open-source, and simple measured part library that gives devices to make Vue applications effectively and quickly. Each part of Chakra UI is themeable, accessible, and composable. Besides, it upholds responsive styles strangely and is compatible with the dark mode.

Chakra UI Vue likewise has some design parts, for example, CStack and CBox that simplify it for styling your UI parts with succinct props. Additionally, it empowers auto-import its parts with a Webpack plugin solution.

Which Vue UI Component Library Should You Choose?

Choosing a front-end framework that covers your needs can be a hard thing to do. You have to consider your team’s technical skills, the scope of the project, and how easy it will be to develop new features. In this list, we covered the best Vue UI component libraries and discussed the advantages of each.

Still, if you cannot find a suitable Vue UI library exclusively dedicated to your job, you should take help from professional Vue.js developers.

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