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What will be the cost to develop a React Native Mobile App?

What Will Be The Cost To Develop A React Native Mobile App?

Presented by Facebook, React Native permits developers to make applications that have compatibility with Android, iOS, and other Operating Systems. Because of the highlights like Native-like usefulness and single code reusability and the access of various frameworks in the market, React Native has dominated as the best framework for cross-platform application development. Let’s discuss about cost to develop a React Native Mobile App and why businesses need to choose this for their better growth.

Despite being presented in March 2015, React Native has quick become an option for 42% of developers universally due to its adaptability. Enterprises and businesses overall are getting encouraged to start with React Native solution in view of its highlights like cross-platform application development.

Why do Businesses choose React Native App Development?

Cross-Platform and Code Sharing

As React Native boasts cross-platform development, businesses don’t need investing on more resources. Developers just need some particular skills to build apps for various platforms with React Native.

Lowered Expedition Time

With a single codebase, React Native app developers can create applications for different platforms. Thereby, it lowers expedition time, which makes it an affordable option.

Lesser Workforce and Resources

Unlike other similar native app-building, React Native needs lesser manpower and resources. A QA professional, 2 app developers, one creative designer, and a project manager can complete a project. Nevertheless, if you want to build a native application, increase the manpower.

JavaScript as Programming Language

While using the React Native framework, developers need to utilize JavaScript that is one of the quickest developing and extensively used programming languages.

In-Built Elements and Reusable Codes

It’s possible to save time and development expenses as you can share up to 90% of React Native codes between Android and iOS apps.

Simple UI

Business owners enjoy the perks of flexibility and simplicity of React Native framework. And they want to offer their users the same. React Native applications are responsive and seamless and load quickly.

Community Assistance

Since React Native is an open-source framework, the development community can access React Native documents for free. The support from a global community is the most considerable benefit.

Easy to Execute Updates

A developer can update a React Native app without downloading it and save a lot of time.

Hence, these are some exclusive highlights and benefits that make React Native favorable for any type of app development project.

Since you know the advantages of React Native framework, you should discover the expenses of fostering a React Native application, isn't that so? Around there, you should find out about the elements that assume a crucial part in choosing the React Native application development cost.

Factors That Decide React Native App Development Cost

In the event that you are a business visionary or startup and searching for cost-effective app development, React Native is one of the ideal choices accessible out there.

Nevertheless, basically like the expense assessments of other application developments, it's hard to reveal the real React Native application development cost. The React Native application development cost broadly depends on the application complexity and business requirements.

Moving further, per hour developer's expense can shift as indicated by his/her area, experience, and abilities. In this way, the essential inquiry is as yet replied: “How much does it cost you to build a React Native app?” Without further ado, let’s delve into the elements that decide the ultimate cost of React Native app development!

User Authorization

It will cost you less in the event that you will develop a React Native application with no login or authorization.

Nevertheless, in case you need to add user authorization features, the cost of developing React Native apps would be slightly more than the apps that do not need any role-based authorization process.

App’s UI/UX Design

How an application functions and shows up for clients can have a huge difference in its expense and achievement. A mobile application's design includes both UI and UX and these keep users engaged with the app for a longer period.

An application that ensures consistent conversion from one screen to another will make sure great user experience and effective user flow.

Screen designs and user experience could simply be related to the React Native app-building costs. React Native offers different UI elements that enable you to design user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful apps without writing the codes from the beginning.

App Development Team

You may discover application development agencies with fluctuated experience a very long time out there. Hiring an experienced app development company for working at your undertaking is urgent when you want to invest a very good amount of money. The valuing will be less in the event that you decide to work with a medium or less-experienced company.

In this way, the experience will be a great cost-driving element here. Also, in the event that you are confounded in picking between development organizations and freelancers, a thumb rule is consider choosing an organization in the event that you need to complete the task inside a submitted time span. Companies are professional and can handle complex projects within a particular timeline.

App Complexity and Functionality

In the event that you need to assess the time length and budget to finish your React Native application development project, recall that time and cost of development exceptionally rely upon your application's functionality and intricacy. The rundown of highlights, their originality, and the complexity can expand the advancement cost.

A straightforward application with MVP is cost-efective and can be finished inside a more limited period of time, whereas a complex one that has modern features can take more time and cost you more.

This is the reason applications are classified into 3 unique categories fusing high complexity, medium complexity, and low intricacy. Besides, the application complexity depends on the accompanying elements consolidating:

In-App Purchase: If you offer more in-app purchase options, the app complexity will become higher.

Admin Panel Development: In case you select a more feature-rich admin panel, the app complexity will increase and it will impact the cost logically.

Deployment Architecture Model: In terms of backend development, app development firms have 2 options – BaaS and Custom. Clients receive their own mobile app architecture in the custom option whereas BaaS needs to perform with readymade backend architecture.

Legacy Integration: An app’s legacy integration depends on the type of app you want to develop. Decide whether you want to integrate it with an enterprise system or it will independently work with no integration. By default, the app type falls under medium to high complexity levels.

Third-Party Integration: To build a user-friendly app, you must integrate third-party plugins that allow your application to interact with other apps’ functionality. Third-party plugins’ integration in React Native app development is slightly more complex than the Native app development procedure.

If you want to save your budget and time on tailoring app features and functionalities, you must hire a mobile app development company that has proven skills, experience, and a good track record of building React Native apps in a relevant timeline.

App Maintenance

Your application development cost doesn't end after you live the application. You should update it routinely to keep up user' expectations. It will assist you with expanding user engagement and retention levels. With regards to maintaining an application, follow these 3 changes:

  • Design changes
  • App updates
  • App bug fixes

The cost estimate of app maintenance is generally measured annually as 20% of the total React Native app development cost.

Location of React Native App Development Company

The location of an app development agency also plays a significant role in deciding React Native app development cost.

When you are going to hire React Native App Development Company, you may find that companies in Australia or the USA charge more than Easter countries. Thereby, you may choose to outsource your project to lower costs.

App Add-ons

In spite of the fact that React Native framework empowers you to make exceptionally attractive applications, on the off chance that you actually need to foster customer driven applications, you can give additional items for it or integrate the app with social platforms.

Nevertheless, the customized add-ons to an application can build its expense; so at long last, the extra incorporation thoroughly depends on your customer's prerequisite and inclination.

App Category

App components like functionality, different real-time users, and security considerations decide the app category. If there is more complexity, it will increase the app development cost.

For example, a standalone app like a timer or calculator will not cost you more than a food delivery or eCommerce application.

App Distribution

When you calculate the cost of React Native app development, keep in mind to estimate the cost of app distribution.

Google Play Store and App Store take fees of $100 for the license cost of the developer. Moreover, you might require permission from the host about security policies.


The complexity of a React Native app increases in case it depends on the hardware.

For instance, to create an IoT app using React Native framework, you need to invest more than building any other native app.


These days many companies are transitioning to the React Native framework for seamless app development. In case you want affordable app development, React Native is the ideal option. Just make sure to follow the factors discussed in this blog to decide the best React Native app development cost.

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