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With iPhone X, say hello to the future!

With Iphone X, Say Hello To The Future!

Here we are saying hello to the future with all that iPhone X has to offer us; the iPhone X will be the first Apple Smartphone to feature facial recognition technology – enabling users to unlock the device with their face, from a feature like this to personalizing your emojis according to your mood and sending them as a message to replicate exactly how you feel, this feature is known as Animoji by apple. Apple has managed to make the iPhone X bigger and yet smaller at the same time. It'll have a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen that's the bigger part let’s not miss the fact that it is lighter also, but the size is actually smaller than a Plus-sized iPhone. iPhone X screen • Vibrant 5.8-inch edge-to-edge AMOLED screen • Quad HD+ display with a 2436 x 1125 resolution • Apple's 'Super Retina Display' This is also Apple's first edge-to-edge display, which means it lacks bezel at the top and is missing the home button at the bottom. It replaces them with more screen. It doesn't have curved screen sides like Samsung's phones. Home button eliminated • Bezel-less iPhone X screen eliminates the home button • Control Center is now a swipe-down-from-the-top gesture • Flick an open app upward to return to the home screen The physical home button on iPhone X, has been eliminated, because of apple’s decision to make it an all screen design, therefore not leaving any room for the fingerprint sensor, No home button as well as no touch ID sensor is the biggest change that the apple users will have to get used to. The Sleep/Wake button has been renamed and is called the side button .Holding it in for a second calls Siri, and by double pressing it you can bring up Apple Pay, which can now be authenticated with Face ID. Face ID replaces Touch ID • Unlock your phone just by looking at it • Much more secure than the fingerprint sensor • Also used in concomitance with Apple Pay In order to be able to unlock the iPhone X without a home button, Apple has presented the users with facial recognition, which it calls the Face ID. The technology behind it is TrueDepth camera system, hidden in the notch at the top of the display. Just glance at the phone and it illuminates your face, making it ready for an infrared camera to identify it. It also works in the dark. • It is not confused by hairstyles • Even if you are wearing a hat, it’ll recognize you. • Even if you decide to grow a beard, it’ll recognize you. • The iPhone will be able to recognize your face through most of the sunglasses, as long as they let through enough infrared light. • Protections against masks and pictures are in place, and face data is stored in the secure enclave inside the A11 Bionic chip. It not less secure than other biometric systems. On top of that, Apple has implemented some software protections against people stealing your phone and simply holding it to your face to unlock it. If you don’t stare at the phone itself, it won’t unlock. Also, if you grip the buttons on both edges of the phone, the device will temporarily disable facial recognition. Animoji • The unique idea of Combining animations with emoji • Mirrors your facial expressions with accuracy • It’s like an advanced version of a Snapchat mask Animoji has Apple taking emoji to another level, utilizing its TrueDepth camera to mirror your facial expressions. A dozen of these animated emojis will be available in Apple's Messages app, and the camera will be able to bring them to life by tracking 50 of your facial muscle movements. The iMessages app is already exploding with fun stickers and special effects which we didn't think we'd be using a year ago. The same is being said of Animoji. If they seem a bit meaningless and silly now, check back with us in a year. This new iPhone has enough space for those amazing iOS apps you can have in your phone, Naxtre serves the purpose of designing the perfect apps which are iPhone X compatible and customized for your device , with our endless list of classy iOS apps you can enjoy the privileges those apps have to offer you. Visit for more information regarding applications designing. By the way it is not pronounced iPhone X but iPhone ten, there is much more iPhone ten has to offer you in addition to the features shown above. This beautiful phone available in space grey and silver is also water and dust resistant.

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