Bubble shot is a new way of entertainment for all, especially for game lovers. Many bubble shot games are available in app store but it is unique.

The feature, which makes it unique from all other bubble shooter games, is that there is no need to match the bubble of same colors or make a pair of similar color bubbles. This is not the only feature, which makes it unique from all other similar apps.

You may find some more interesting elements here.


  • Shoot single bubble: In this bubble shot game, you can shoot the single bubble of the same color, which appear in the box on the top.
  • Adjust complexity level: You can adjust the complexity level of the game from easy, medium and hard according to your comfort level.
  • Save your highest score: Every time you make the highest score, it will automatically updated.
  • No need to make a pair of similar colors bubbles: There is no need to make the pair of similar colors bubbles in bubble shot game as mostly happen in other games of similar types, available in app store.
  • Calculate time: Time is also automatically calculated in the bubble shots i.e. in how much time you complete this game.
  • Color Change: Bubble color will automatically change, so you need to shoot it as soon as possible.
  • Easy to Play: Bubble shots is very easy to play and also very attractive as compare to all other games of same type.

Fluent shooting experience: You will definitely get the fluent shooting experience with this ultimate game.

So get ready for unlimited fun and entertainment with the new concept of your loving bubbles.