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Chemical App Development

Nanoshel Mobile App

Nanoshel specializes in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N), more specifically focused on the fabrication of a wide range of engineered nanomaterials, nano compounds, formulations, and intermediaries. Nanotechnology holds promise to increase the sustainability of a wide range of industrial sectors.

Indeed, this diverse field of synthetic material engineering offers both eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing through cleaner, more efficient production processes. As a group, we stand at the forefront of embracing these innovations.

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Features of the Nanoshel App


Online Shopping

Online shopping app for Nano particles of Hard and Liquid Metals, Clay, Lithium raw material, Textiles, Polymers, Fabrics etc.



You can check SOP Documents regarding products.


Product Description

You can read product description and details in the app.


Reviews & Price Quotation

You can take reviews from Experts. Also can request for quotation.



Users can read latest blogs about Nano particles, nanomaterials, nanocompounds etc. in the app.



User can send email though mobile app for their queries and help.


Product Category

User can search products according categories.



Payment using stripe (international payment available).

Chemical App Development

Challenges We Faced for Nanoshel

Outdated frameworks are being used which makes it difficult to publish a new release.

Another challenging task was to arrange a lot of products under categories.


  • To make sure the app users receive a notification about all important notifications, we employed Apple Push Notifications to set the alert notification.

Visual Style

  • To hold the cheering mood of students, we have used a yellow and blue color theme with other vibrant colors used here and there within the app.

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