DWS Take5 App

About DWS Take5 Mobile App

DWS Take5 App is all about a way to report maintenance issues and risk assessment reports for properties associated with DWS. Users are basically employees/workers of DWS working onsite. They can report or ask for maintenance if they faced any issue during their work onsite. Take5 name itself tells that this app works in 5 steps for reporting the issue. User can contact his/her supervisor if he needs any help at any point via email, message, phone. The motive of this app is Safety of workers working on site.


A unique id is generated every time if the user is reporting for risk assessment for a new job in the app. The integral part of this app is that the data of all the 5 steps are saved at one place in same form. Digital Signatures are used in the app for user verification while submitting the report.

Visual Style

The app has very basic theme colorsi.e White and Blue keeping in mind the logo design of DWS company. As the app is designed for the purpose of workers safety, so it’s Launch Screen say “Think Safe, Be Safe, Stay Safe”.To reduce the hassle and time while submitting the report onsite, we have kept the options (Yes/No) for every question user haveto answer.

Naxtre Case Study-DWS Take5 App
Naxtre Case Study-DWS


Every time the user reaches the step 1 in the app, the system asks him/her if he/she has previously submitted any report for the same report. If it is the new job, then a unique id will be created for that job. User has to draw his signatures every time he wants to submit the report. Once signatures are drawn, he/she can also save the signatures in his/her device local storage.

Technology Stack

Editors : Xcode : Android Studio
Language : Swift : Java
Capability Of Signature
Network Request Alamofire Retrofit with Rxjava

Industry: Support Services

Solution: The DW Support services app is a fantastic way to report hazards and near misses for properties associated with DWS. Employee can send email to their supervisor about hazards and near misses.