OnePgr is a professional app basically used for daily activities in office premises. By using OnePgr, Business Professionals can collaborate (doc sharing, IM, Social Posts) and communicate (audio/video conference) in real-time with clients allowing them to provide feedback on the work-in progress.

OnePgr provides following facilities :-

  • Click images, audio, video messages, and share your message with your colleagues, family or friends.
  • OnePgr offers free audio and video conferencing. It has its own particular chat session.
  • Integration with Google Drive – Upload documents from Cloud and share with selected contacts or post to twitter/facebook.
  • Track audience interest using email and page visits. Complete things by raising your discussions to live-chat or audio call.
  • One can start or join team calls without remembering PIN codes.
  • Integrated phone conferencing means OnePgr auto-dials for you and prompts invited users to join the call with a single click.
  • Invite your coworkers or clients using SMS, email, or phone.