Robots and robotics these terms have become a permanent part of our day to day life. From cleaning a house to aircrafts building every single string is linked with robotics, and these links are so compressed and rigid that now, we cannot imagine our life without this technology and gadgets.

Presently robots are everywhere and they are so skilled that, they can even recognize the voice and remote command from a distance. And in this term IOT (Internet Of Things) has a wide role! With IOT, now one can control their home, digital appliances, factories and even construction based huge machines too. Robotics and IOT is a wide space to discuss on some A4 sheet, but with this topic we will try our best to navigate both terms and present a well observed scenario, which will help you out to understand robotics and IOT usage in the prescribed manner.

So, to start with robotics is a blend of Mechanics, computer science, electronics, hardware engineering and information processing. All this mixture makes this technology a reliable and easy to navigate system, which can be controlled by a remote and voice command as well, and this all because of IOT functionality!

Now great inventions and use of Robotics with IOT:

The story of inventions started long-long ago with first made airline, telephone, wires to transmit data, huge and heavy machinery as computers, a single pipe cycle and first developed robot, all these were great inventions and a start of our luxuries and comfy lifestyle. But now the era has changed, and big innovations have taken place, which are capable enough to do heavily loaded work within fraction of time and without taking time out to rest.

So, let’s start with automatic robotos:

With the mixture of automotive and IOT we can skip few minutes from daily household work and take rest for some time. In this category Automatic washing machine, ironing roads, floor-cleaning Scooba robot, auto vacuum cleaner are the one work as helping hands. These robots and machines are now voice operable or one can use remotes to do them too. All this is not just the matter of mechanics only, but it also consist a lot of programming on the backend, so that a system can work in a synchronization as mattel and codes.

Home appliances and entertainment:

Since the invention of robotics and IOT the modes of entertainment and luxury for household took an another flight, which is why it’s become so easy to cope-up with our day to day household and professional life all at the same time. If we talk about our house, then no one can deny that we are so dependent on this technology for even our simplest tasks, like self operating washing machines, wifi operable air-conditioner and so on. And in all this with IOT now, we don’t need to use even remotes, as these devices can now recognize our voice for command.

In this category, Alexa and Google Home are the one unparalleled example, with which we are obsessed now. And this is the category, which comes under entertainment and household as well.

Robots in Safeguard:

The one sector, which originally need the robots adoption is safeguarding and military, so that our nation can save the precious lives of soldiers. And presently different countries are working on this technology and IOT has a big role in command systems. Now, in developed countries like US and more has increased the number of robotics, from zero to 5000 ground robots. Due to all this technology and facilities a nationwide interoperable safety network has been built to help police, firefighters, medical services and public safety officials, who can work day and nights, without getting tired.

Future Perspective:

The future of robotics is quite bright and with IOT, it can change our life perspective with all latest terms as auto driven cars, flying ambulances, traffic control robots, auto cleaning roads, robot toys and armed military. This is the future of our world and with controlled parameters, we can save multiple lives.