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Smart Team Services

Our development specialists will integrate with your team, enabling you to rapidly scale your development capabilities and deliver your project.

Our Smart Team Will Help You

your challenge

Up to 50% reduction in resourcing costs

Providing day-to-day team management and task allocation, we'll help you meet your goals quickly. Using our smart teams, you can save around 50% on in-house resources and pay a simple monthly invoice when you require additional help.


Fill any gaps in your skill set

We're ready to help you, whatever you need. Naxtre's smart team includes eight Centres of Excellence: Business Analysis, Project Management, Mobile and Web App Development, Quality Assurance, Data Science, Product Design, Information Development and Customer Support Office.


Accelerate your product's market entry

Providing best-fit resources (staff, facilities, and technology); setting up the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Quality; Assurance strategy; team/project management and guidance. In addition, we offer efficient scope decompositions that help you reduce time-to-market


Concentrate on your core business

No matter where you are in your SDLC, we will pick up your requirements and handle even the most complex software development needs. So you can use that time to develop your core business.


Take advantage of your existing team

Assisting your internal teams with the uptake of process and behavioural changes is part of what we do. With our expertise in new technologies and process frameworks, we can assist with team competence development.

Build your product with top tech talent

How Naxtre's Smart Team Works

By leveraging a nearshore team of Naxtre-managed software experts, you can rapidly scale your development capabilities and deliver your project.

Team allocation

The requirements you give us are used to build a team of experts - from our pool of over 100+ software and app experts - that's optimised for the task at hand.

Team management

Our dedicated teams are managed separately according to our rigid standards and your requirements. This allows you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Project kick-off

We'll coordinate the smart teams and set up all communication channels - via a Naxtre PM and Technical Lead - if you involve us at the outset.

Full transparency

We follow a unique delivery framework that is consistent, predictable, and transparent. It allows you to gain more information and keep full visibility at all times by combining Agile methodologies, experience, and robust security standards.

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Choose the Right Cooperation Model


Smart team

Choosing the Smart team model means that you can flex your resources more effectively to deliver complex business software faster and at a lower cost.

Our responsibility:

We build you a team with the right skills, then we ensure its productivity

Your responsibility:

Meeting requirements and ensuring workload

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Development team

Consider this model when you want to boost your capacity or when you need an extra layer of expertise that your existing in-house resources lack.

Our responsibility:

We provide the skills and experience you need

Your responsibility:

We integrate Naxtre's team with your internal processes and management methods to allocate workload.

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Portfolio that


oakter cs-Naxtre

IOT Based Web and Mobile App

We created a website and mobile app for IoT devices. Customers can purchase home automation devices to make work from home a cakewalk. Oakter app works on controlling Multiple products at multiple locations with this single app.

kickin cs - naxtre

Smart Restraurant- Delicious Kajun Seafood

We built this on-demand food delivery app. A wide range of freshly cooked food is delivered to your doorstep. This app is famous for Kajun Seafood. They will deliver your food with complete perfection!

nanoshel cs-naxtre

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology formulations Platform

We built this platform, they specialize in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N), more specifically focused on the fabrication of a wide range of engineered nanomaterials, nano compounds, formulations & intermediaries.

sobeys cs-naxtre

On-demand grocery delivery app and food recipes

We built this on-demand grocery delivery app. Sobeys provide a new way to shop that grocery before you prepare that scrumptious meal, easily buy all the ingredients that you need to prepare that delicious meal.

Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy – Advancing a sustainable energy future

We built this platform working on technologies and enabling the digital transformation required to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future. They serve customers in the utility, industry, and infrastructure sectors

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