Speed Dial

Speed Dial is the most ideal approach to get in touch with your favorites. Speed Dial gives you a chance to make instant call, To send Whatsapp Message, Call on Skype and send message to your most loved contacts rapidly.

Additionally Speed Dial can be valuable if there arises an occurrence of crisis giving you a chance to make call in a split second without having to scan for contacts.


  • Add new contacts as Speed dial: We can easily set a speed dial to our newly added contact with this new app, available on app store.
  • Add images: Pictures are automatically added for your most loved contacts if accessible in contact points of interest, making it all the more simple to discover your favorites.
  • Notification widget: Speed dial offers you the notification widget for call directly to selected contacts. Today Widget for access anywhere even though lock screen.
  • Single or dual touch: We can easily access the app by using single or dual touch.
  • Colorful Themes: We can also set the background with tint effect to make your contact widget beautiful.
  • Quick search: Speed dial offers you the facility of quickly find the contacts you need.
  • Shape your contact image: Speed dial offers you the facility to give various background shapes to image of your beloved contact. There are three kinds of shapes :
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Round