Is iOS 11 Killing the 32-bit Apps?

It is assumed that iOS 11 will come with a nasty surprise, iOS Apps that aren’t updated to support 64-bit will be removed from the App Store. It was only Last year that the company had pledged to remove apps that were outdated, orphaned and no longer meet guidelines.

Apple had been […]

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iOS App Development Company

If you have an online business and you want to make an application for your business or other purpose but you are confused for  best iOS app development company? My answer is  Naxtre. It is the best iOS app development company in the world. Naxtre will help you to create a best ios […]

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How To Hire An Expert iPad App Developing Team

iPad App Developers are in great demand; and why won’t they be? iPad by Apple has won a million hearts worldwide owing to its strong functionality as a tablet computer. With the launch of new generation iPads announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the world is getting all the more excited to lay their hands […]

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iOS Apps Development

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iOS 9 – An upgrade over iOS 8 in true sense!

For all Apple fans, some or other upgrades in iOS or iPhone apps is not rare News. But this time, with an upgrade in iOS, the Apple Company is receiving worthy appreciations. The newly announced iOS 9 is certainly better than iOS 8 and in many things. Take a look –

iOS 9 upgrade brings a […]

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