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5 Must-Use E-Commerce Lead Generation Best Practices For 2022

5 Must-use E-commerce Lead Generation Best Practices For 2022

To grow your business, you need to drive more sales as that is how any business can flourish. When it comes to driving sales, eCommerce lead generation is unbeatable. Nonetheless, many E-Commerce owners and retailers aren't aware of how to do so yet. By attracting high-quality leads, E-Commerce lead generation is one of the most powerful tools to help you boost your sales funnel.

Basically, a lead is someone who wears the hat of a customer or a person who shows interest in your products and services by taking action. You can expect to receive a lead in many forms, including:

  • Clicks on your ad campaigns
  • Sign up for your newsletter or email list
  • Follow you on social media platforms
  • Sign-up for a contact or inquiry
  • Those who claim to be your biggest fans

More than 90% of first-time visitors to a brand's site do not make a purchase. That sounds low! Well, this could be stressful for brands that cannot convert visitors into customers. However, if you want to increase the likelihood of those first-time visitors purchasing, you have to step up your lead generation game.

Now you can learn about best practices you can apply in your eCommerce store to generate leads and reap the benefits.

5 Must-Use E-Commerce Lead Generation Best Practices For 2022

Now let’s get into how you can generate traffic through lead generation practices. But keep in mind that the traffic you receive must be your ideal traffic rather than general traffic. The aim is to make sure that your leads fill your traffic.

1. Optimize your site for SEO

There is no doubt that your buyers will begin searching by Google to shop or make purchases. Due to this, you need to make sure that your eCommerce site is optimized for SEO to rank well, or at least come in the top ten results.

Using SEO strategies, you can improve your site's health and rank at the top of search engines. By placing your site among these top searches, you give your potential customers an easy way to find you and you can spend your hard-earned money on people who are actively looking for what you're selling.

Your store may need a better solution if you are unable to add descriptions, Meta tags, and alt texts to your product images using the eCommerce version you are currently using. These factors are important for your store in terms of SEO and you may not have access to them with your old eCommerce platform. As a result, you can access the Magento upgrade services.

2. Create Personalization

In Forbes' research, more than 80% of consumers believe that a brand that provides personalized experiences will lead to more sales. They say personalization is an act of care. These numbers prove that they are right.

It is necessary to provide visitors with an appealing Magento store website so that they can feel a sense of personalization. Magento developers can help you build a personalized customer journey based on the information you have about your customers. You can display your personal content regardless of who you wish to target, what you wish to display, or where you wish to display it.

It is best to use AI-powered recommendations for personalization because they tend to enhance average order values. Product recommendations may include the most recently searched for a product and the most frequently bought product. Therefore, it is no longer a secret that personalizing the experience of eCommerce store owners has considerably helped them.

3. Offer Live Chat

Emails are a thing of the past; having to wait for customers to respond is passé. During this fast-paced and growing era, everybody is looking for quick solutions. Regardless of how, where, and what you do, if you are constantly available to your visitors, chances are high they will show interest in your products or services.

Live chat allows you to easily communicate with your visitors whenever they land on your website. Offering live chat on your website, and making sure you are available 24/7, can provide many benefits.

What are the benefits of live chat in generating leads?

  • A higher conversion rate
  • Gather customer contact information
  • Accessible 24/7

4. Optimize your CTAs

One of the most important marketing strategies for any business is the call-to-action. The CTA encourages customers to take action while visiting your website and helps you generate more leads. You should only keep in mind that your CTA should be actionable and on point to drive leads for your eCommerce store.

What should you include in your call to action?

  • Use words that express urgency
  • Make your writing action-oriented
  • Clearly explain why you should take action

To make the right choice for your store, use these CTAs:

  • Contact us today
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5. Generate leads using guest blogging

The content marketing strategies you have learned so far will help you generate leads. However, guest blogging is not just for website promotion. It can also generate leads.

As a guest blogger, you can reach new audiences and potential customers, and build inbound links from qualified leads. In order to make your guest blog successful, you should:

  • Share your guest blog on sites related to your target audience
  • Content creation should be fresh and outstanding
  • Use CTAs to direct visitors to your website
  • Provide solution to readers

Winding Up

Ultimately, an effective E-Commerce Lead Generation strategy can help you drive traffic and make a huge profit for your eCommerce store. In the list above are some of the most common and effective ways to generate leads for eCommerce.

Whether you need to generate leads for your eCommerce store or need to increase traffic, Naxtre is the perfect solution. By working with professional SEO and digital marketing experts, they are able to provide you with more organic leads. Get in touch now.

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