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How to change the payment methods at the order page in shopware 6?

How To Change The Payment Methods At The Order Page In Shopware 6?

Introduction about Shopware 6

Shopware 6 is a full-highlighted and imaginative eCommerce platform. Despite the fact that it has acquired the name and got another version number, it accompanies a totally new architecture and totally rewritten code. The Community Edition is as yet open-source and allowed to-use, under the MIT permit. To date, the platform has received more than 80 thousand users. Shopware is an open-source eCommerce framework.

Meanwhile, the features which are taking this Plateform to prime levels are content management, Multi-warehouse system, and many more.

Shopware is now starting to enter new European nations and is making a big impact in the UK.


Here we know about How to change the payment method at the order page in shopware 6. we will see how user can select the desired payment method from multiple payment options.

Set the Availability and enable the payment status

To display the multiple payment methods on the order page, you have to set the payment method status as enable and have to set the availability as per need. let’s do this, for this, you have to navigate to the path setting>shop>payment.

Now click on payment option , here set the status of payment method as enable and also set the availability.

Add the payment method in sales channel

To change the payment method on the complete order page you have to add the payment method in the sales channel. For this select the sales channel and then add the payment methods under payment methods options in the sales channel. Click on the Save button after adding the payment options.

After completing this steps , move to the front end.

Front end

At the front end select the product and add that product in the shopping cart.

Now click on the proceed to checkout button. it will redirect to the complete order page. Here press on the change payment method option.

A popup will get open where you can select the desired payment method and click on the Save button.

Then click on submit order button. you can check the selected payment method at complete order page.

Above you can see the updated payment method

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