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Secure Online Payment Gateway Integration: How to Make It Work

Secure Online Payment Gateway Integration: How To Make It Work

Today, it is getting increasingly more mainstream to shop through mobile phones. Looking at the structure of e-commerce retail sales, you can see that most deals in the US are mobile buys.

As per the research, 54% of all online business deals will be made through mobile phones in 2021.

All things considered, as confirmed by the information of different investigations, an inconvenient and dangerous payment system forces users to make purchases from your competitors, even if your product is much better.

Be that as it may, integrating secure payment frameworks is certifiably not a simple process. There are many factors to consider. Payment gateways should be secure, additionally, incorporate a few payment techniques, just as help the capacity to pay in multiple currencies

What Is A Payment Gateway?

Before you figure out how to make a secure payment gateway to guarantee safe and secure payments, we should examine what precisely payment gateways are and why they are so significant. A payment gateway process includes confirming the customer's bank card details, guaranteeing the accessibility of assets, and permitting the merchant to get payment for an item or service.

This innovation goes about as an interface between a merchant's website and its acquirer. Another functionality of the secure payment gateway is encryption of the confidential information of the customer's MasterCard to empower the anonymized transfer of the customer's information to the acquirer.

The payment gateway acts as middleware among purchaser and seller, giving secure transactions. Utilizing a secure online payment gateway simplifies the process of implementing the necessary software for merchants several times.

The procedure to receive payments includes the customer requiring to fill in some details, like credit/debit card number, expiry date, and CVV. Post this, the customer proceeds to make a payment, which then, gets transferred from the buyer’s account to the seller’s (merchant’s) account.

How To Make The Payment Gateway Secure And Protected?

Payment gateways must ensure that sellers always receive payments from clients upon purchase and that they do not have to worry about credit risk and the possibility of fraud.

Still, it is almost impossible to completely prevent fraud. Fraudsters always improve their methods, and therefore such a disaster can befall anyone.

List of ways to reduce the risks of fraud and theft prevention.

SSL for Secure Connections

Each transaction that happens through your company's website or mobile application should be protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). With the assistance of SSL, it gets conceivable to encrypt the confidential information of your clients' bank cards, which makes this data protected from fraudsters.

The utilization of such innovation expands the security of payments as well as makes clients more slanted to buy. SSL is demonstrated by a padlock icon in the address bar, and web addresses to begin with HTTPS.

At the point when a client sees such an icon, he comprehends that he can securely make buys through your website and not worry about the security of his information.

The safe payment supplier you are utilizing should make certain to utilize HTTPS for all of their services, and therefore you should ensure they likewise have a SSL certificate.

Likewise, you ought to likewise consistently check the data about the certification authorities that you or they use. This will assist with keeping your secure payment high.

PCI Certificate

When handling payments on your website, PCI is required. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) incorporate rules that dealers should follow to ensure delicate client information when processing payments. A portion of the necessities of this standard include:

  • Do not store sensitive customer data on computers;
  • Teach employees about security measures, such as protecting cardholder data.
  • Use validated payment software at the point-of-sale or website shopping cart;
  • Encrypt transmission of customer data across any open public networks;
  • Teach employees about security measures, such as protecting cardholder data.

Outstanding amongst other news is that merchants don't need to hold fast to and follow PCI guidelines. They should simply pick the best service provider. Sellers can leave it to the payment gateway to observe the business security norms and provide data encryption, which is required by PCI.

That is the reason the dealer can be confident about a secure payment gateway in the event that he adheres to these security standards. Thus, payment gateways act as third-party solutions that provide merchants with the latest and greatest security measures they need.


Tokenization replaces all delicate client information with a bunch of characters that were randomly generated. The utilization of this technology significantly reduces the risk of information loss.

Perhaps the best technique is to utilize a token, which is a real bank card number. After the transaction, the user’s confidential data is sent to a special server, where they are securely stored.

Alongside this, the merchant gets a unique number. Utilizing this number, the customer can make buys on the website or in the program. He doesn't have to enter all his information once more, he can make payment with only one click.

In the event that you use payment passages with tokenization, this will assist you with limiting the risk of payment fraud. You don't have to store the entirety of your client's data, that is, the information of their bank and charge cards, on your server.

It is likewise significant that the information is encrypted even before it reaches the database server.

3D Secure Authentication

3D Secure (Three Domain Secure) is an informing protocol that includes three domains: bank, technology that measures the transaction, and the issuing bank.

This is an extra layer of safety that helps fake transactions without a physical bank card. Also, by utilizing such innovation, you naturally move obligation from yourself to the responsible bank.

That is the reason when a client needs to buy on the Internet, he should fundamentally affirm the transaction with a generated password, or a one-time PIN, as sent from the bank via SMS. This will help to significantly increase your defense.


There are several rules that both sellers and customers should follow to secure their business and carry out secure and safe transactions. Companies must use all of the methods described above if they want customers to be able to securely purchase their products or services directly through their website or mobile app.

As for customers, they should check the websites on which they make purchases so that their personal information does not get to fraudsters.

It is also significant to enter only the information that is associated with a bank card and in no case send scanned documents or copies of bank cards.

It is usually quite complex for companies to develop their payment gateway themselves. Today there are many companies involved in mobile app development. But not every company can provide quality services and make a truly quality product.

If you consider integrating a secure payment gateway in a mobile app or in a website, make sure to work with an experienced mobile app development company as Naxtre.

We have years of experience helping businesses secure their payment processing and would be glad to work with you on your project. Contact us today and we will discuss your project in all the details.

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