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How Wearable Medical Technologies Are Reforming The Way We Nurture Our Health

How Wearable Medical Technologies Are Reforming The Way We Nurture Our Health

Medical science and technology have always been striving hard to achieve synchronization and come up with something that provides a foolproof and groundbreaking ways to provide medical services. There are so many medical wearable technologies in the market that finding the right one can become quite a task. From monitoring your physical activities to monitoring your heart rate, from getting a good night’s sleep to getting rid of stress, there is everything technology can take care of as long as it’s good for your health. The biggest of all issues is that of weight, people struggle losing weight nowadays, the technologies combined with apps strive hard to help you lose weight by motivating and reminding you to work out and eat right.

Fitness and wellbeing trackers:

Companies like fitbit, misfit ray, fitbit alta and moov now have shown a record-breaking success in fitness tracking and people are in fact willing to have them and just not because of its health benefits but also because of the designs they offer it has become more of a trend than a necessity, but as long as it benefits the wearer it’s a win-win situation for all.

Blood sugar tracker:

Diabetic patients can get a sigh of relief with the ongoing research and few glucose meters that are already developed in order to assist people in self-monitoring their diabetes, the device used for such technology is skin patches, where small patches which enclose sensors measure blood glucose in sweat, these patches are attached to your skin so that in case of low blood sugar levels it sends an alert message to your Smartphone reminding you to eat, besides monitoring these patches can also be used for injection of insulin if needed.

Hearing aids:

Hearing aid technology is a great gift for those hard of hearing, the hearing aids are so high tech nowadays that the sound can be adjusted according to your preference with the help of smartphones, it’s almost like your own personal headphones these aids also have the ability to adapt themselves according to their surroundings without any manual adjustments. Companies like ReSound Hearing Aids, Sony Smart B-Trainer. Huawei TalkBand B2, Elbee. And many more are doing a great job in this field.

While many wearables and implanted technologies are still in development phase or approval phase, there are many Smartphone applications which are already available, these Apps can educate you, assist with decision-making and  communicate with health-care providers, promote adherence to lifestyle and medication regimens and in particular, mobile and Internet-ready smartphones have been the most effective for amalgamating medical care into day-to-day living.


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