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Yoga Mobile App Development- Benefits and Key features

Yoga Mobile App Development- Benefits And Key Features

According to The Good Body, more than 300 million people worldwide practice yoga. Imagine this figure from the point of view of business and profits: Americans alone spend $16 billion on yoga every year. If you have ever practiced yoga, you can easily relate to its marvelous potential for improving mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. The simplicity and effectiveness of this near North-Eastern gymnastics have contributed to making it one of the highly popular forms of exercise.

Thus healthcare apps present an opportunity for everyone out there to learn yoga without stepping out of their homes. With a collection of various yoga asanas, live Yoga Classes, healthy diet plans, etc these are squeezed into one app. Yoga mobile apps are being seen as a medium that can change your life. Thus, the popularity of yoga mobile apps can be easily justified.

In this article, we will take you through the various steps involved in building a robust yoga mobile app. We will also study topics like features in a yoga app, cost of development involved, and many more.

Why people do yoga and how a health app can help

The increasing admiration of yoga is logical and not accidental. It is all about the physical and psychological welfares that yoga brings. First of all, it is helpful to physical health. But yoga classes bring another benefit — psychological. At the moment, people’s first priority in practicing yoga is shifting toward self-development, self-knowledge, and spiritual practices. It is worth taking this into account in yoga mobile app development.

The popularity of Yoga Apps across the Globe

Increased awareness of physical health and fitness has made people far and wide adopt yoga as a way to stay fit and keep their minds calm.

Between 2016 and 2017, the number of search queries for yoga, workout, and meditation applications increased by 65%. This provides an opening to various businesses to invest in a Yoga mobile application development and create a flourishing revenue stream.

Why Invest in Yoga Mobile App Development

Some Statistics to Evaluate the Unprecedented Popularity of Yoga

From improving body posture and easing back pain to promoting mindfulness and reducing stress, the benefits of this 5,000-year-old practice cannot be overemphasized.

There are 300 million people practicing yoga in more than 192 countries worldwide.

The top 5 countries having the highest popularity of Yoga is:

1. USA

2. Canada

3. Singapore

4. Australia

5. India

The number of yogis in the USA is rising exponentially from 2012 onwards and is expected to reach 55 million milestones by 2021.

If you look at the latest Google trends, you will notice huge leaps in Google searches for yoga apps worldwide. An increasing number of individuals are looking to practice yoga at home through interactive online sessions.

Key Features of Yoga Mobile Application

Practitioner/Student Panel – Yoga Mobile App


It allows the user to create an account by creating a profile with basic details like name, age, email id. Users can sign in via email or social media accounts.

Online Live Yoga Classes or Sessions

This feature allows the user to find out the various types of online yoga classes offered and choose from them on the basis of type, ratings, reviews, duration, and level of expertise.

Manage Events

This section lets the user see the information about all the upcoming yoga events or yoga classes booked in advance.

Yoga e-store

In this users will find various products and accessories related to yoga like yoga mats, yoga towels, belts, etc. Users can buy products from this e-store from categories and subcategories.

Push Notifications

In this students or users will get notifications about yoga training sessions, booking confirmations, updates, new yoga classes, etc.


In this feature, the app reminds you every day at the particular time to do yoga and meditation

Profile Management

In this section, the user will find all the basic details, past and current bookings, items purchased, tickets, and other useful information.


Here users can read blog posts about various types of yoga, how-to guides, the latest news, and trends in yoga.

Teacher Panel – Yoga Mobile App     


This allows the yoga teachers to create an account by entering a few basic details like name, age, certifications, basic contact info, a short introduction. Account creation can be done with an email id or via social media.

Offer management

In this section, the yoga teachers can create offers, deals, and discounts to be displayed to students to avail.

Payment management

This allows the teachers to verify that which of their yoga classes are paid and for which classes the payments are still pending.

Yoga Session/Class management

This feature helps the yoga teachers to manage their scheduled classes. They can reschedule classes or cancel them in case of unavailability.

Publish Training Programs

Here the teachers can create and publish specialized training programs for yoga learners based on their skill level and expertise.

Substitute Teacher

In case a teacher is not able to attend a yoga training class or session then they can send a request to other teachers via notifications to attend the yoga class in their absence.

Profile Management

The teachers can add personal details, contact info, education details, certifications regarding yoga, and other information for users to find.

Push Notifications

Here the teachers will get notifications about booking and payments of their yoga classes, canceled sessions, user queries, and notifications about ratings and reviews given by users.

Super Admin Panel – Yoga Mobile App


Admins can log in using secure credentials or using 2-factor authentication


The admin dashboard provides them a visual interface to perform various tasks like managing users, yoga teachers, payments, events, and event organizers.

User Management

Admins can manage yoga learners, teachers. They can monitor their activity, and edit/delete/deactivate/ban their account as per their need.

Session Management

The admins can manage and keep an eye on all the training sessions, and yoga classes.

Payment Management

The admin will handle all the monetary transactions. Admin will be able to view and manage all the payments. All payment records will be also available in history.

Category Management

The admin can create/edit/delete/modify a category for better management of yoga classes and events.

Offer Management

The admin can manage all the offers provided by the yoga teachers and event organizers and they can also extend or suspend an offer based on user interaction and demand.

Event Management

The super admin can monitor and manage all the events. They can make amends, edit, and change the schedule of an event as per the end-user requirements.

Ticket Management

Admin will be able to manage the different types of tickets available for booking and oversee the number of tickets booked for different yoga events.

Manage Yoga e-Store

The admins can manage inventory of products offered, sale of items, payments, and shipment of products. Admin can add or delete products. Change prices and offer discounts on certain products.

Content/Blog Management

Every piece of content or blog can be managed by the admin. Admin can edit/modify/delete any blog post created by the yoga teachers and event organizers as per the app and user requirements.

Report Management

This section is very important as it allows the admins to generate custom reports about the amount of new user acquisition, traffic, revenue generated, user behavior, payments, and many other key performance indicators of the yoga mobile app.

Final Thoughts

Yoga app development is a good idea for both Businesses and Startups operating in this industry:

If you have your own studio, you can make your own yoga app to build a stronger relationship with your customers and encourage them to interact more often with your brand.

However, there are many yoga app examples that initially started as small startups and managed to grow into big products.

If you are looking for a perfect Tech Partner that will help to deliver your Yoga App, Contact Naxtre we’ll shake the yoga industry together!

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