5 Tips To Create Awesome Mobile App Designs

06 Apr 2016

Even the word Happiness has ‘app’ in it; no more proof needed that life, today, is incomplete without Mobile apps. Mobile apps make life easy, functional, smooth, in control, healthy, exciting etc. etc. etc. In short, every business and all organisations now are planning to have a mobile app. Sooner they do it, the better it is. But don’t forget that having a mobile app is just half the story; the real success is getting an impressive mobile app designed. This is why you need to pay attention to the mobile app design. If it doesn’t kill you with its first look, it is not worthy enough!
A good mobile app design not just makes the UI/UX look appealing, it also ensures more time spending by the user. So for everyone who is aspiring to get a super-catchy mobile app design for their idea, here are 5 useful tips :

Mobile App Design 5 useful tips
Mobile App Design 5 useful tips

1.Make the design interactive – Do not try to just talk with the user. A good mobile app design is such that it communicates and ensures that the user is able to express his or her views/needs/preferences easily. Interactive apps are not just in fashion, they are rather the need of the hour. You need to understand your target group. What better way to do this than an interactive Mobile app design!
2. Use the colours wisely – There is no point painting a rainbow for the user in the name of creativity. Remember, he or she is accessing your mobile app closely enough to see every detail and graphic designing element. So if you have used too many colours, that too loudly, you may end up losing the class. However, if you are designing a Gaming app or children’s rhyming app; there you may have the liberty to use colours in a creative manner. Prefer to use your corporate colours in your mobile app design.
3. Do away with Clutter – If there is one thing mobile users hate, on an average, it definitely is clutter. The screen size of mobile doesn’t allow them to enjoy anything cluttered. The moment you fill their screen with too many elements or too much of content, be assured, the user won’t come back soon. Use the white space nicely and focus on getting a clutter-free design for your mobile app.
4. Layout choice – Even though the mobile app designer will show you different types of layouts for the mobile app, you should go with the one that ensures smoother navigation. The moment you feel stuck in a layout, discard that one. Ease of accessing information should be the key while getting a mobile app designed.
5. Font styling – This is where most of the mobile app designers lose their peace of mind. You may not agree but text size and style does impact the reader. Presenting the price of the product on your shopping app in smallest font size may irritate the user and so would the loud shouting banner text! That’s why it is important that your mobile app designing team understands the psyche of mobile users as well as the nature of your product and the goals behind your mobile app.
Mobile app designing is also a lifelong investment; do not make the mistake of hiring amateur mobile app designers for the same. To know more on how you can save money while getting your mobile app designed, Contact us.