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How to build up a successful Mobile App Gamification Strategy in 2020?

How To Build Up A Successful Mobile App Gamification Strategy In 2020?

Because of the expanding interest for versatile mobile applications to overcome the market, it turns into a headache for application developers to battle this competition. What's more, when there is an abundance of substance or applications for utilization, users are ruined for decision. This can be something to be thankful for, in any case, it prompts diminished consideration among recent college grads. Mobile applications can be tiring and monotonous after a point, and subsequently, it is imperative to give something motivating and testing to keep them continually engaged.

Mobile  application gamification is a user driven way to deal with increment application traffic and engagement of your application. In this article, we will talk about how gamification can lead the estimation of an application and improve user retention. Basically, gamification expects to actualize fun components from games to innovation and hence also motivates users to revisit and try the app again.

It is an exceptionally captivating procedure and effects human conduct by making the experience additionally exciting for users. You have been a part of gamification well before the websites and mobile apps.  For instance, a teacher can reward students with candy or stickers. In some shopping malls, you can participate in a fortunate attract challenge to win exciting prizes, and so forth Before we dive into the details, let us comprehend what versatile application gamification is and for what reason is it significant.

What is Gamification?

According to an investigation by nervous system science researcher, Matthias Koepp, our minds discharge dopamine and serotonin when we play games or take on challenges. It gives a sentiment of interior achievement which satisfies us, energized and ready to take on the next level. This settles the secret of why playing games is so addictive.

It is hard to accomplish this, in actuality, as it is hard to feel these feelings as you have to accomplish greater targets. Passionate triggers return us to our wellspring of satisfaction (games) and we wind up playing over and over.

Mobile application gamification is a marketing strategy shaped based on utilizing rewards, pioneer sheets, a competition to lure the users to re-visitation the application. The end-user is more than ready to finish the tasks, as the prize is standing by to be snatched at long last. We can securely say that application gamification is that handbook that drives you straightforwardly to the client's dopamine and serotonin creation.

How mobile app gamification works?

Gamification is an advertising methodology that takes a shot at basic human behavior principles. A user ought to achieve a specific undertaking in the application and get awards to do that. As it were, the user  feels like a legend who battles despite all odds to achieve success. It is a satisfying experience as everybody needs to win, throughout everyday life or in a mobile application.

Let us discuss the gamification techniques in detail.


Users can pick up rewards for oftentimes utilizing the application, accomplishing certain objectives, in-application buys, sharing it with friends and active participation in competitions or inviting friends to join the application.  When they do that, it will assist with expanding their interest  in the mobile application with time.

Some popular rewards used by apps:

  • Cash rewards on inviting friends.
  • In-app currency to be used for in-app purchases.
  • In-app goods to be exchanged for real goods.
  • In the end, it all depends on your user base. You can determine what your users like and keep giving out similar rewards.


It is human nature to compete and need to be the best among their competitors. Your application can empower users to meet this natural craving to compete and be the best. At long last, it is a success win circumstance for everybody. Victors can get their longing satisfied and get rewarded for their endeavors and organizations get more client commitment and change.

Progress Display

Another significant human necessity is acknowledgment. Individuals like to perceive how far they have come and what accomplishments they have aggregated up until now. It is an ideal methodology for user retention and inspiration to accomplish more.

At the point when you achieve something, the principal impulse is to impart it to the world. Henceforth, user will in general post their achievements via social media and recount their story to the world. This helps to promote your business and be relevant in the market.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is an absolute necessity with regards to sharing data and feeling a sense of belonging. Furthermore, users are inclined to challenge their friends and contend which gets new users  to the application.


People like competition as set up above and they need to win. They need to improve their game however now and again it isn't adequate. While talking about your achievements with your companions, it is all the more enticing to take an interest in an opposition and win large. At the point when users discover somebody in a superior situation on the leaderboard, it motivates them to procure that position and improve their game.

How to develop a successful Mobile App Gamification Strategy?

In spite of the fact that gamification carries a great deal to the table, it doesn't ensure the achievement of your business. Then again, it tends to be extraordinary for your business as well. Thus, it is essential to consider all the advantages and disadvantages before diving deep into the gamification pool.

According to Naxtre, here’s what you could do to build a successful mobile app gamification strategy.

Set Goals and monitor progress

Prior to accomplishing something, it is essential to know why you need to do it. What's more, regardless of whether you need it awful enough. It is ideal to set objectives for the business and follow a methodology, else gamification won't give you the best outcomes. Making a gamification plan ought to be centered around your users' prerequisites and your business needs. It has to be a win-win situation for both the parties.

Know your Target Audience

On the off chance that you make a gamification application plan with no examination, it is destined to fail.  Information is a vital necessity to comprehend who is keen on the product  and how the individual acts, what excites them, and how your business can make it work for you.

Assess and Revamp

In the event that you think plan A will turn out best for your business, it's redundant that your users  will feel the equivalent. They may have an alternate opinion of your application. It is best to figure out the likes and dislikes of your target audience and what motivates them to accomplish a given task.

Keep it Simple yet Unique

We are not proposing you totally redesign your application to gamify it. In the event that it is doing good, you can make it extraordinary by adding a few unique gamification functionalities to it. Try not to attempt to make things complicated for yourself and your users. At long last, it is tied in with making things straightforward for your users and not to irritate them.

Entertainment is the MVP

Your gamification system's prosperity exclusively relies upon the user experience of the application. In the event that it is engaging and playful, users will be glad to play more and hold returning back to the application. It can likewise push them to investigate your application much further.

Wrapping Up

Gamification permits clients to satisfy their objectives and improve their aptitudes. Henceforth, you can utilize a similar system for your mobile application. On the off chance that you can do it effectively, it is conceivable to effectively hold the users  and get new clients to scale your business.

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