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On-Demand Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Cost & Features

On-demand Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Cost & Features

In the present time, everything is getting on the tips of your finger. Regardless of whether you need to book a taxi, order food, or go shopping, only a couple of taps on the mobile phone and it's finished. Actually like looking for different things, individuals additionally now really like to arrange their regular grocery items online. Indeed, you would be astonished to realize that almost 25% of the customers in the US order their groceries online. The demand is continuously increasing and will spur the market to higher growth. By 2022, it is normal that the online grocery market will arrive at a valuation of an astounding $133.8 billion. This shift of shopping patterns has expanded the demand for grocery delivery businesses as well as grocery delivery mobile app development Solutions and paves a great opportunity for startups, traditional grocery stores, and tech companies to invest in their own grocery delivery mobile app development projects.

The working of a grocery delivery mobile app is very straightforward. It offers essentially a wide range of grocery items and gives the office of applying certain channels to make looking simpler. Subsequent to looking through their things, the users can add them to their cart and afterward do the final checkout. In a large number of applications, the users can pick the time slot of their order delivery. Here are the detailed steps:

  • A user signed up by entering necessary details
  • After signing up, log in with an email id or phone number and Password
  • Search the product that the user wants to purchase
  • Select the product and Add to Cart
  • Add Address Details where need to deliver
  • Order confirmation by the user by making online payment
  • Admin receives the order request
  • The request gets forwarded to the grocery store manager
  • Store Manager responds to the request by either accepting or declining the request
  • Admin reverts back to the customer by sending notification
  • Store Manager Generates the Order
  • Update Admin that courier service has collected the order
  • Order successfully delivers to the customer
  • Courier Service updates the Admin as well as Customer.

Variety of grocery shopping apps

To distinguish the subsets of grocery mobile applications we shall put business logic in the first place. Thus, there are below-mentioned types:

# Apps of grocery chain stores

# Aggregating apps

# Marketplace solutions

# Specific facility grocery delivering app

Grocery Delivery Mobile App Business Model Canvas

General Features to Include While Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development

Every app requires a basic set of features & functionalities for its different entities. In a grocery delivery mobile app, there are three main entities: Customers, Store Owner, Admin. The features for each of them are:-

Grocery Delivery App – Customers Panel

Registration: Customers should be able to easily register on the app. A user can simply login by filling their basic details, including name, email, contact no., address.

Browse Products: Customers are enabled to browse their required products from a wide range of food products and grocery items.

Advanced Search: Users should be able to apply certain filters to make the search quick and easy.

Payment Mode: Customers must be able to pay via the common & user-friendly payment methods, including Paytm, UPI, Paypal, Google Pay.

Schedule Delivery: The app should allow customers to select their preferred delivery time slot.

Order tracking: The customer should receive alerts via SMS & mail, and the customers can track real-time order status.

Settings: Users should have full authority to modify the settings i.e. they can alter information such as contact number, email address, etc.

Reviews & Ratings: The customers can leave their feedback for the products they have received and store. It will help in improving the overall experience.

Grocery Delivery App Development – Store Owner Panel

Managing profile: The store owner has full authority to manage his store profile. The owner can modify or update their details including Name, Email Address, Phone Number, etc at any time and from anywhere.

Store Locator: The store owner can relocate his store on the maps, through a map, customers can search for them as a closed store and make their orders.

Store Pickup: If customers prefer to pick up their orders from the store then they can. It will improve the offline Grocery Business of the customers.

Live Tracking Path: The store owner should be able to track the real-time status of courier service by using GPS tracking or Google Maps on the entire route.

Grocery Delivery App Development – Admin

Store Management: Admin is able to manage all the aspects of the store from a single place. Even the multiple stores can be managed by the admin.

Coordination with Store owners: Admin can coordinate with managers instantly and maintain a smooth workflow.

Notification: Admin sends the notification to provide customers and store manager’s status about the order.

Order Tracking: Admin has an eye on every processing order, and for the systematic process, it keeps an eye on the work process.

Product list management: Admin can manage and even control the list of products and adjust prices as per the market standards and store owner demands.

Customer Management: Admin should be able to manage customers and attract them towards their needs, by sending regular notifications and notifying them from time to time.

Feedbacks: Admin collects all reviews & ratings, to act on it for improving the customer’s experience.

Advanced Features to Keep in Mind While Grocery Delivery App Development

After implementing the general grocery delivery app features, it is time to implement those features which can make your app stand alone. Here are some of the advanced features that will ensure that your app stays ahead of the competition.

  • Push Notifications
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Behavior Tracking
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Loyalty Programs
  • In-App Calling (Consumer and Store Owner + Delivery Boy)
  • In-App Chating (Consumer and Store Owner + Delivery Boy)
  • Number Masking
  • In-App Navigation
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Re-Ordering
  • CRM Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Visual Search
  • Voice Assistance
  • Consider Web application & PWA

Grocery delivery mobile app development cost?

Obviously, the cost of developing grocery delivery mobile applications also matters a lot. However, there are various factors on which development cost depends. These are:

The reputation of the development partner

A profoundly esteemed, experienced, and reputed mobile app Development Company like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, will charge more in contrast with those players who are in the creating period of the organization.

Geolocation of the app development team

The geographical location of the development company also matters for the costs. For example, the development costs in South-East Asia can lies within 20-30$/ hr, while in the North America region can go up to hundreds of dollars per hour.

Timeline & Team Size

If you demand an app within a very short deadline, then obviously, the company will increase its charges. Also, a large team of developers will cost more.

MVP OR Full Fledge Grocery Delivery App

A base practical product is an application with simply fundamental features, while a full-fledged product is an application with fundamental just as cutting edge highlights. The expense of fostering an MVP grocery delivery application in Southeast Asia can lies within 15-25 thousand dollars, while a fully-fledged app can cost you 25-35 thousand dollars. If you are a beginner in this segment, then it would be recommended to begin with an MVP and gradually scale up the app features.

Choosing of App Development Partner is Vital

Even you have conducted deep research over the grocery delivery domain, Developing a flawless grocery delivery mobile app requires a skilled and experienced mobile app development partner because grocery delivery app development includes multiple API integrations and customized functionalities thus, it is important to select an eCommerce solution provider company with in-depth knowledge of the domain as well as required tech stack.

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