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Secure your Apps Now!

Secure Your Apps Now!

If you go by the numbers there are more apps in the world than the number of human beings on earth, the gigantic market of mobile devices have paved its way to more and more dedicated mobile apps with each passing day, now that a lot of people are spending time on apps there is a huge amount of confidential data that gets generated every day and is definitely an irresistible target for the hackers. It is essential to prevent confidential information from getting into the hands of hackers, it often happens that hackers make use of the vulnerabilities of mobile apps and succeed in stealing important data. In order to prevent theft and fraud, enhancing mobile App security is essential. Let’s look at the ways it is being done: 

Penetration Testing: When it comes to security there should be no stone left unturned, penetration testing includes mobile application security assessment report, listing all the vulnerabilities identified by obtaining any necessary testing information like URLs ,source code, credentials, application builds and then follows the application footprint analysis, after that the application is decompiled to uncover the underlying programming logic after this what follows is the code review , Traffic Interception and Analysis, Report Preparation and Debriefing. 
Auditing: It starts with something as basic as auditing the source code, it is done with the intent of discovering bugs, security conventions violations and security breaches and it includes API testing. Compliance: It is the guideline to meet the industry specific standards by regulatory bodies, for example ISO 27001 standards are considered to be most proficient, thus helping in uncovering vulnerabilities ,which may only be found after auditing is done. The second kind is PCI DSS Security Audit (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) It is the security standard defined to for the apps supporting handling of credit card based transactions in a safe environment reducing any chances of foul play. With all these ways and more, there are companies providing facilities to make your apps secure one such being, Naxtre. They do a good job at securing your apps and detecting the vulnerabilities. 
The reality is that downloading and using these applications on your phone can represent a potential risk to both, you and the organization you are associated with, the untested apps may contain bugs that can make your confidential data vulnerable.

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