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Top 10 Ways To Make Social Media Work For Your Business

Top 10 Ways To Make Social Media Work For Your Business

We live in a digital age; rare would be a person without a Social media profile. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and so many more which are gaining popularity day by day! Growth of social media may cause social researchers to debate over its good or bad effects however, it is the business world that stands to gain maximum with the advent of Social Media. While there were just 1 billion Facebook users in the third quarter of 2012, the figure is now 1.55 billion monthly active users at the end of third quarter of 2015. Leave alone the statistics about users, there are approx 50 million Business pages on Facebook today! If you have a page, you are already competing with so many million other pages for your target group’s attention and engagement. And in case you still don’t have a page; it’s high time to grill your digital marketing team and ask for roadmap. Whatever be the case, you would definitely benefit with these Top 10 effective ways that help your business command a strong digital presence through wise use of Social Media – Create events online and promote it on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn – The best way to trend on Social media is to be in News! Hosting online events makes you a Newsmaker and you gain a lot more fans, new leads, new contacts and more opportunities to do business online. The great thing is when a user clicks GOING option for your event; the event becomes visible to his or her entire friend list. Moreover, everyone who shows interest in your event will get regular updates and reminders as well. Use Hashtags wisely – Writing anything after hashtag may make your post appear cool but it will fail to get desired result and reach. The benefit of using hashtags is that it makes your content and hashtagged word search friendly. For example, if you hashtag #IncredibleIndia or #InstaCelebration or #BlackFriday; anyone who searches Social Media with these keywords would land on your post as well. But remember

  • Do not write too many words together with one hashtag
  • Use hashtag with relevant keywords which you can find through SEO
  • Use hashtag with events and webinars you are floating on social media
  • Create smart hashtags which attract attention like #iPhone6sForSale #Desert Safari EconomicalVacations and so on!
Post Articles on LinkedIn every week – LinkedIn has emerged as an effective social media platform for professional use. You may find avid readers on this platform. So use this medium smartly by creating interesting posts and blogs. For example, if you are in animation business, you can write a weekly feature on how animation is made or how white board animation videos are getting popular. Do not forget to keep visuals in all these articles. And share them with your friend list as well as in LinkedIn Groups using relevant hashtags. But before posting an article, do not forget to check whether the article holds any substantial information that will benefit the reader as well. Putting only your brand-oriented article may discourage the reader from reading it next time! Create visual posts for Facebook which are worth sharing further – Facebook pages are exciting to manage if you understand how amazing it is to multiply your reach with the help of posts that engage people. All you need to do is create nice and impressive visual posts that your TG would like or share further. Every time someone likes or comments on your post, your page gets multiple viewership and reach. Post more videos – There is no denying the fact that people like to watch videos on social media. Posting more videos get you the benefit of engagement and penetration in prospective clients’ minds. But the problem many local business pages suffer with is that how do they get videos for their page since it is very costly to shoot or get a video made! The answer lies in being smart – you don’t need to shoot your own video every time. You can share related videos that are available on the pages you subscribe to. You can share these videos with your own hashtags and get views for your page. Isn’t this smart! Do not forget to post your website link in every post – Now this is one tip which will get your maximum benefit. Every time you put a post or add a picture to your Pinterest board, make it a point to put your website link in the description. This will go a long way in improving your search rankings and getting more traffic to your website. Create interesting boards on Pinterest – Do not create a board by the name of your product; rather create a board by the name of your product genre and the product benefit. For example, if you are promoting a school through Pinterest; you can create boards like Education Tips, DIY Activities, Creative Activities at home, Creative Learning and so on. Invest in the social media platform where your target group is – Amongst all the social media platforms, you may invest your maximum efforts on to the one which has the attention of your maximum clients. It makes sense to be at a platform where your customers are! Promote your Facebook page if you have the statistics of your target audience’s Facebook usage. Go on Twitter or Instagram if your clients hang out there. But do not go by your gut feeling; make sure to get the data of social media usage by your prospects before investing in any platform. Do not bombard your target group with social media messages – Yes, too many posts in a day irritates the people who are following your page. A post or two a day is okay but ten posts in three hours in unacceptable. You may end up losing your fan following with too many posts. So choose your pictures and content wisely before broadcasting it. Use Facebook Ads and Blogging to widen your reach – Facebook boosts are effective; it has been proved with the success of many business pages that are using it to increase their reach. Make sure to highlight an attention-catching and interest-generating idea in a Facebook ad. The reader should be able to see his or her own interest in your Facebook page Ad; only then he will subscribe to your page! And finally, do not forget that people like to read interesting stuff on Facebook. Hire a professional blogger to write exciting blogging content for you! Indeed, social media is like the best way to catch the attention of your customers provided you use it wisely. In case you wish to avail expert help for managing your social media profile and increase your digital branding strength, mail your requirement to  The expert team of Naxtre will be goals to help you with advanced Digital & Interactive services.  

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