Cyber School Manager

About CSM

Cyber School Manager (CSM) App provides students and their parents, a better way to stay connected with School and Teachers . By this app Parents gets regular updates through notifications and alert messages. In this app, Class Work and HomeWork is updated on daily basis. Parents also know regarding Subject allotment among Teachers. Parents gets messages like Students Performance, Attendance, etc From the teachers which notified on the inbox icon of the app. In this way Parents gets overall activities and details of School and students as well on daily basis.

Features of the CSM Mobile App

  • Homework/Assignment : Parents can check out all Homework and assignments on daily basis uploaded by teachers.
  • Inbox : Inbox have all the messages, notifications, alerts for the parents regarding their ward.
  • Attendance: Attendance feature has very simple,clear and attractive UI repesentaiton . App uses graphs for show attendance present, absent and leaves.
  • Activities : This feature gives the information about all the activities like Socila Activities ,Celebrations, Fesativals and parents can see the uploaded photos and save the images as well.
  • Notifications and Alerts : Parents get all notifications and alert messages regarding changes in TimeTable, Student’s upcoming exams,Students, results, homework etc ..
  • Request For Leave : In order to take a leave Parents submit a Form by filling all the formalities which show the reason for leave, leave for a How many days etc.
  • Photo Gallery/Albums : By clicking this feature All the photos of Teachers and Students are displayed , also newly added teachers and students are updated here so that parents get updated about this.
  • Fee Payment : This app provides online payment service. Parents can pay. Fee online.
  • Results: Result is very important part of student life. CSM also provides the results of exams.
  • Discipline: This feature Shows Overall Score of a student in terms of all Activities with a specified feedback that to be in terms of Smiley.


The app upon student registration stores student of all the classes. An integral feature of the app is to notify the student about homework, results, activities, notice . The challenge part is that all the students should be get all the information at correct time. Also managing all the siblings in same accounts is a challenging part.Multiple school students are using the same and doing login without password is the challenging part. And different features for the different school, Teachers are also using the mobile app and keep it sync with the student of particular class. These are the challenges we faced so far.


To make sure the app users receive a notification about all important notifications, we employed Apple Push Notifications to set the alert notification.

Visual Style

To hold the attention of both parents and students we have used a white and Blue color which makes the app so simple . All the study stuffs and icons , images are well used in this app.

Naxtre Case Study- CSM
Naxtre Case Study- CSM Dashboard

Technology Stack

Editors : Xcode , Android Studio
Language : Swift , Java

Industry: Education

Solution: Cyber School Manager App provides Students and Parents engagement with School and Teachers in a very efficient manner. Parents gets regular Alerts and Notifications. Student daily Attendance and Activity details is available. Student Fee Details, Online Fee Payment, Result & Analysis, Report Card Generation is just a click away.