About Oakter Mobile App

Mobile app for Oakter’s technologically advanced IoT based smart home products. This app can be used to configure and control following products by Oakter :

- OakView : WiFi Camera
- OakRemote : WiFi Universal Remote
- OakPlug : WiFi Smart Plugs
- Oakter Hub Ecosystem: Home automation ecosystem with smart plugs and smart boxes to WiFi enable all existing electrical appliances in a home

Multiple products at multiple locations can all be controlled by one app. You can also invite 5 more family members to simultaneously use the app.

Features of Oakter App

  • Schedule Appliances: Oakter app allows to schedule your home appliances. Program appliances like motors & geysers to turn ON/OFF at a pre-set time.
  • Auto Off Timer: Make your appliances turn OFF automatically after a set time as per your choice.
  • Control From Anywhere: Unlock your main door or turn your appliances ON/OFF from anywhere in the world
  • Invite upto 5 users: Selectively share the power of home automation with your family, friends or staff
  • Powerful Notifications: Choose the operations and appliances that you need to be notified about in your app
  • Activity History: History is very important part of home appliances. oakter activity history shows appliances on/off time by timer or manually.
  • CONTROL MULTIPLE PREMISES: You can operate automation systems in multiple premises with the same app & username
  • OakRemote: OakRemote is a plugged-in Smart Universal Remote. It can control all your remote controlled devices like TV, AC, Set Top Box, Speaker, Air Coolers and more in a room.
  • OakView: OakView is a poweul WiFi surveillance camera for your home. It features HD video streaming, motion detection, two way communication, night vision and recording suppo on SD card and video download to phone.
  • Customer Support: Integrated customer support for easy resolution of your automation issues.

Visual Style

Oakter user interface is very user friendly. App has gray and orange color theme and videos that guides user to how to do install, scan devices. All appliances list has been shown on the home screen.

Naxtre Case Study-Oakter Mobile App
Naxtre Case Study-Oakter

Technology Stack

Editors : Xcode , Android Studio
Language : Objective C , Java

Industry: IoT

Solution: Mobile app for Oakter’s technologically advanced IoT based smart home products. This app can be used to configure and control IoT products by Oakter.