Mobile App or Mobile Website – What is best for your business?

Before you go searching for the best Mobile App Development company in India or hire an expert company for developing mobile website, take time to ask yourself – What would work best for my business – A Mobile App or a Mobile Website?

It is important to understand the difference between both before you take any […]

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Mobile App Designing

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Android M; M for Major – is that so?

The successor to Android K and Android L (Android Kit-Kat and Android Lollipop respectively), Android M, was announced recently at the eighth I/O annual developers’ conference. While the world is still guessing what sweet treat M stands for in the next version of Google’s Android operating system, can we call it ‘Major’ on the basis […]

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HomeKit – A game-changing innovation for a Smart Home

The company that gave the world smart phones, Apple, now brings for us another innovation that would change our life for better – the Smart Home. The concept of Smart homes will be a reality soon, thanks to Apple’s amazing product HomeKit. Apple had announced HomeKit in 2014 in partnership with many big brands on […]

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iOS 9 – An upgrade over iOS 8 in true sense!

For all Apple fans, some or other upgrades in iOS or iPhone apps is not rare News. But this time, with an upgrade in iOS, the Apple Company is receiving worthy appreciations. The newly announced iOS 9 is certainly better than iOS 8 and in many things. Take a look –

iOS 9 upgrade brings a […]

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